Top 10 Manly Pinners on Pinterest

By Ashleigh Cue | @Eucacue  

What gender is the first that comes to mind when thinking about Pinterest? Female, right? Pinterest’s user demographics has been and still is predominantly female; however, the number of male users on Pinterest has doubled. About a third of all Pinterest sign-ups are from men. So, men, if you are interested in trying Pinterest out, or are currently on Pinterest and don’t know who to follow, here is a list of our top 10 male Pinterest pinners.


Daniel Hunley


Daniel Hunley has a wide variety of boards that men are sure to love: design, cars, fashion, alcohol - even a board on how to have the perfect barbeque. You name it and he probably has a board for it.

Charles Wolford


Charles Wolford has a beautiful collection of boards from architecture to cars to elaborate tree houses. Not only does he have a great collection of interesting board topics, but the images in the boards are beautiful.

Jake Lloyd


Jake Lloyd’s Pinterest account is all about manliness. So much, in fact, that one of his boards is titled Unashamed Manliness. My personal favorite board is Nerdgasm: a board full of “nerdy” content like Star Wars and video games.

Luke Dean-Weymark


Luke Dean-Weymark is a male power pinner and it’s easy to see why. His Pinterest account is full of beautiful images of vacation spots, sports, cars and more. As a photographer himself, he knows what a gorgeous photo looks like.

Jeremy Pruitt


If you like design, Jeremy Pruitt is the one you want to follow. He covers a variety of design topics on his boards, such as packaging, illustration, logos and even typography. He is very into vintage and his pins reflect that.

David Hellmann


Bikes, tattoos, hairstyles, design and more - David Hellmann has it all. He has numerous design boards, from branding to web design. He even has a board completely dedicated to beards.

Thomas Murphy


Here is yet another power pinner. Thomas Murphy has several boards to inspire your home decorating visions. His boards covers furniture, spaces, kids rooms, and home accessories. In addition to his home inspiring boards, Thomas has other board topics such as Men’s Style, Garage and Destinations.

Michael Bath


Michael Bath’s Pinterest boasts 97 boards in total. The boards cover topics such as interior design, architecture, minimalism, art, watches and more. At least 20 of the boards are filled with high-quality pictures of cars and motorcycles.

Marshall Morris


Marshall Morris is yet another pinner with a board dedicated to beards. (We’re sensing a trend here.) However, there are many other great boards to look at as well, centering on food, DIY projects, fixtures, mixology, bikes, etc. Just like many of the other great male pinners to follow, Marshall has a number of boards with a wide range of topics.

Olivier Blanchard


Olivier Blanchard is another male pinner with a variety of board topics. Whether you are into design, cars, sports, fashion, sci-fi or zombie survival, Olivier has you covered.


There are many other great male pinners on Pinterest that did not make our list. If you are interested in becoming a power pinner yourself, but need a little help, contact us at (469)-248-0616.





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