NEWS UPDATE: Facebook Live Goes Live

By Elizabeth Lemuz | @lizrlemuz  

Being “YouTube famous” is a thing of the past! These days, Facebook Live is where it’s at.

A while back, Facebook released its popular new video streaming feature, but now has finally made it accessible to everyone. Yes, we said everyone. Now you, too, can get on and annoy all of your friends and followers. No - but really, it’s a great feature that many are really excited about.

If you haven’t quite heard about Facebook Live, it is essentially the same idea that Twitter has with Periscope - but with live video on Facebook.



You may be wondering how you can begin this new journey. Well, Mashable gives you a very informative list of steps to begin with. Feel free to share those wise marketing tips, top-secret behind-the-scenes company information, or a solo rendition of Mariah Carey.

Now, many of you may be anticipating Facebook's world takeover - especially with this new feature. On Facebook Live, there have been large numbers of people tuning in to watch the videos that are uploaded. The average user watches about 5 hours of television, while online video has increased from 39 minutes to 1 hour 55 min in about 4 years. Digital videos have not taken over the the square box in the living room yet, but the number of views is definitely increasing as we move forward.

Facebook has continued to develop a better experience with live video. As mentioned earlier, live video was only used by large brands and/or celebrities. Live video was also only released to certain platforms to begin with, and now it’s even available on drones. Facebook Reactions have also been added to Facebook Live - so no need to hold back on how you really feel!

So will Facebook finally take over the world with yet another original feature? Who knows, but we are pretty excited to be given much more to engage with!


Have you started using Facebook Live? Share with us below what awesome videos you have already shared!


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