Top 10 Tools for Your Social Media

by Elizabeth Lemuz | @lizrlemuz

Social media has grown in leaps and bounds within the past few years. But it isn’t just about signing onto your favorite platform and sending a message or sharing a picture - social has become increasingly strategic. We have narrowed down a list of 10 tools that can help make it easier to manage your posts, while remaining unique.


1. Hootsuite

My ultimate favorite: Hootsuite. When I first heard about this tool, I was a junior in college and I didn’t realize its importance. Now, I am Hootsuite certified and it’s the essential tool that helps me do my job as the Content Scheduling Specialist. It’s a piece of cake to bulk upload your content for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+ on Hootsuite. It gives you the format for this Excel document so you can adjust it for best posting times. You can also reply to your tweets and posts through this app, as if you were replying from your Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn profiles. If your company decides to upgrade to Hootsuite Pro, you are able to set up team members in the system, as well as share content with one another.


2. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is...well...on fire. It’s a great tool for managing your follower build on Twitter and Instagram. A few pluses to this is how it is set up. You are able to use options like whitelist, blacklist, fans, following of followers and much more. These are just a few of the internal tools that help manage your following much faster. The tool may cost a pretty dime, but we definitely think it is worth it. If you’re managing a smaller business, you can also schedule out posts through Crowdfire. The best part is, the app suggests the best posting times based on who follows you.


3. HubSpot

This tool is similar to Hootsuite in the way that it is great for scheduling content. If you like to post blogs - which we all should - Hubspot gives you SEO pointers to make sure your creative words are seen by the masses. It’s also extremely useful with the analytics side of things.


4. Curalate

We’ve mentioned great programs for better-known platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, but how about our more creative platforms? Curalate is the one you should want by your side when managing Pinterest and Instagram accounts. With Curalate, you have the ability to respond to people who comment on your posts along with managing responses.


5. Sprinklr

With Sprinklr, there is better reach for real-time posts. The analytics provided are more in-depth. By being able to see all the responses, response times, and clients, you are able to get more social care responses in your streams. We have compared Sprinklr and Spredfast side-by-side here.


6. Spredfast

Spredfast is similar to Sprinklr in that it is best for real-time responses. You can respond to the comments from anyone that is contacting your client. Its setup makes it easy to view multiple platforms across streams. You can also set up your streams to best fit you. Communicating with other users on through this app is fairly seamless, which is exactly what you want when dealing with important clients.



Don’t know what a GIF is? All we can say is that you are definitely missing all the fun! GIPHY is the place to go to spice up your social media platforms. If you have a GIPHY account, you are able to save your favorite GIFs, create them, and use them on your phone as well. GIFs are so popular that Twitter has included a GIF button on the mobile app. You can read more about how to use this cool feature here.


8. Cyfe

Cyfe is a pretty neat app with many features. It is advertised on the homepage as the “all-in-one dashboard app.” Cyfe is great for data exports, reports, and analytics. You can do any type of reporting, Google spreadsheets, CRM systems, and accounting systems. Cyfe also includes news feeds for RSS feeds. There is the TV Mode feature which allows you to rotate through several dashboards on a screen, which is great for event coverage.


9. Woobox

Creating contests on Facebook and don’t want to go through all those applicants? Woobox will make creating contests a painless task. This is a third party app that you can use on Facebook for contest winners. Using this app for Facebook contests allows you include an app on your page where participants can sign up and enter. There are other marketing features which are available with this app as well.


10. Canva

If you’re needing to create effortless graphics without wanting to drop a bunch of cash, Canva is your new best friend. This is such a cool design tool to use if you’re looking to create fun graphics with text. You also are allowed to choose from a variety of dimensions to find the best fit for the image you wish to create.

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