How Well Do YOU Know Twitter? [Quiz]

By Kara Salazar | @karasalazar  

It’s safe to say that Twitter is one of the top micro-blogging platforms out there. And if you use social media, it’s very important to know about this particular little blue bird. So pull out your pencil and paper - it’s time to quiz your knowledge of the Twitterverse!




1. How many people can you tag in a tweet? __________

2. How many characters can you have with link and image? A.) 103 B.) 94 C.) 126 D.) 86

3. How many characters can you have with a link? A.) 123 B.) 106 C.) 116 D.) 114

4. Who has the most followers on Twitter? A.) Katy Perry B.) Taylor Swift C.) US President Barack Obama D.) Justin Bieber

5. When was Twitter launched? __________

6. How many times can you tweet a day? __________

7. How many people can you follow in a day? A.) 1500 B.) 2500 C.) 2000 D.) 1000

8. Who created Twitter? __________

9. What is the most popular tweet of all time?


Twitter Quiz


Twitter Quiz

C.)   Twitter Quiz


Twitter Quiz

10. How many photos can you have in a tweet? ___________




1) Trick question, you can tag as many that fit into the character limit. 2) b. 94 3) c.116 4) a. Katy Perry 5) July 2006 6) 2400 7) d. 1000 8) Jack Dorsey 9) The Tweet that was seen around the world, courtesy of Ellen! 10) 4 Didn’t exactly pass the quiz with flying colors? Leave it to the pros: Call SMD at (469) 248-0616!

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