Faceoff: Spredfast Vs. Sprinklr

By Richard Niño | @_Richard_Nino  

When it comes to monitoring your social media platforms, it’s crucial to ensure that you are using the appropriate tools regarding the volume of interaction that your brand obtains throughout the day. For example, if you get about 50-100 brand mentions per day, you might be better off using something more lightweight, such as Hootsuite Enterprise or Sprout Social. For more than 100 mentions per day, you’re better off using a platform that can better manage the multitude of traffic - such as Spredfast or Sprinklr.

Spredfast Social Care


Our Social Care team has used Spredfast for a couple of years. It’s a great tool for a brand that has a large social presence. It’s easily accessible, and each user can format their dashboard to their liking. While my team utilized Spredfast quite a bit in the previous years, we encountered a lot of glitches with the system.

However, Spredfast nearly makes up for the issues with its responsive support team. While some issues took longer to fix than others, the support team remained very transparent. If you like to base your reviews on analytics, then Spredfast is not the tool for you. While Spredfast is a great platform for engagement and publishing, they’re severely lacking in the analytics department.

Sprinklr Social Care


The Social Care team here at Social Media Delivered has only recently started using Sprinklr, but once we delved into the system, its ease of use was readily apparent. With a sleek system, it’s typically geared toward the more tech-savvy. In contrast to Spredfast, each user cannot format their dashboard. Instead, it is the same across each “user group.” The biggest problem I encountered with this platform is their support team. While glitches happen with every system, the support team is what truly makes or breaks it. Sprinklr’s support team will sometimes take a while to get back to you, and if you’re having a glitch that is severely disrupting your daily monitoring, then this can be a real issue.

Their only saving grace is their analytics system. Their analytics absolutely blow me away and can provide such intricate detail that I can overlook the support team issue. With an in-depth SLA analysis and a complete client breakdown, their analytics dashboard definitely stands out against all the others.

For me? I personally support Sprinklr above all of the others. I’m a sucker for analytics, and the complete breakdown that I receive from Sprinklr helps me analyze not only how my clients are doing out in the social realm, but how my team is doing on their timing and responses.


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