Top 10 Reasons to Intern with Social Media Delivered

By Christina Gaines | @stinaegaines  

We’re a little kooky. We’re a little crazy.

In fact, we’ve once even been dubbed the “anti-agency.”

Interning with Social Media Delivered is not exactly your run-of-the-mill experience - in fact, that’s precisely what makes our program so much more worth it.

In need of college credits? Resume building? Some good old-fashioned fun? Find out why you should take up an internship with SMD.

 1. Beer Friday. 

Need I say more? Every Friday afternoon, the fam gathers around the couches for some merrymaking and Kudos. What are Kudos? I’m glad you asked.

2. Kudos.

This is how we celebrate whenever one of us exemplifies our Core Values: either “Make Life Funner,” “Wonderfully Imperfect,” “It’s Up to Me,” or “No Cats Allowed.” The following is a breakdown.

Make Life Funner:

Our heavy Nerf gun usage is an implementation of this value. Here at SMD, we care deeply about progressing the company - but life is hard enough: we also care a whole lot about keeping it a place where we can have fun and not hate each other, too.

Wonderfully Imperfect:

It’s okay to mess up - None of us are perfect and we don’t expect you to be, either. (We just ask you do so with honesty and grace.)

It’s Up to Me:

Initiative means everything. We don’t set out to hold hands here - we truly appreciate when we see people take it upon themselves to fill the gaps, brainstorm and better our services.

No Cats Allowed:

Don’t be catty, guys and gals. We all have our “off” days, but don’t tear someone else down in the process. I think we’re pretty good at avoiding that here.


You know you’ve had a kick-butt week once you’ve been awarded a Kudos. And if you’ve won the most, we’ll treat you to a gift card of your choice - between Office Depot, Amazon or Target, that is.

3. To release your inner Don Draper.

We can’t promise you’ll go full-Mad Men, but we can promise that your work will hone your writing skills. *As the Content Manager, I can personally assure you of this.

4. Test your career path.

Not sure what to do you when you grow up? Or maybe you’re grown up, but still not sure what to do? We’ve taken brilliant interns from all walks of (career) life and given them a taste of the social media marketing world.

5. Now’s your chance to screw up.

Not that we’d like you to, but we certainly understand when you do. Remember our Core Value of “Wonderfully Imperfect?” Well, I meant it. Internships are all about learning and making mistakes. We enjoy a healthy risk here and there - they tend to promote the biggest success.

6. Squad lunches.

Yep, we actually really like each other. My coworkers are some of my best friends “IRL” too.

7. Build helpful relationships.

There will be a day where we send you little birdies off to fly - but we won’t just let ya drop. Interning here will build a network of recommendations and friendly faces within the industry.

8. Lax dress-code (most of the time).

Don’t worry. You don’t need to come dressed to the nines on the daily. If there are instances where we need you to get spiffy, we’ll let you know ahead of time.

9. Experience in all aspects of the company.

This isn’t the “Go and grab me coffee, slave!” type of internship. We’re by no means reminiscent of Devil Wears Prada. We’ll get your hands dirty in every department to see what you like best.

10. A job.

You heard that right: The overwhelming majority of employees here have been tried and true through our internship process first. If you’re interested in working here, I highly suggest you take the intern route.


So, have we sold you on our incredible atmosphere, quirky crew and ownership of a hammock? (Yes, we have a hammock.) Call us at (469) 248-0616 or apply online here!


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