Top 10 LinkedIn Company Pages to Emulate

By Bryan Bennett  

First off, let's be clear: There is no way to actually rank all 3 million plus LinkedIn company pages. But here, in no particular order, are 10 that you can’t go wrong mimicking.


1. Porter Novelli


What they do right: This global PR firm has the advantage of a professional staff, but they have more than slick presentation. They intersperse mundane hiring and promotion information with updates on issues of the day, added to a regular series of discussions that keep you coming back for more week after week.

How you can mimic them: You may not have the deep bench of artist and writers, but you can always link to interesting industry stories and have your experts comment on them. It shows potential clients that you keep abreast of trends and recruit knowledgeable staff.


2. Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP


Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP 




What they do right: Founded in 1885, this law firm didn’t get stuck in the past. Just this post alone makes it clear they realize you need to have a little fun with what you’re doing.

How you can mimic them: More puppies and ice cream! If a firm that bears the name of our 27th President’s sons can have a sense of humor, so can you. Try it.


3. Harvard Business Review


What they do right: An outlier in the group, the Harvard Business Review pulls exclusively from their own publications, opting not to link to other articles. But they are, and have been, leaders for so long that they can get away with it.

How you can mimic them: Even HBR mixes it up with articles, video and podcasts. Find a way to break away from relying solely on the written word.


4. Microsoft


What they do right: Yes, Microsoft. Hear me out. Compared to Apple’s LinkedIn, which is just a list of “We’re hiring for position X,” Microsoft has a broader content base about the company products and culture. Plus, they make use of LinkedIn’s Showcase pages.

How you can mimic them: Even if you are extremely well-known in your field, you still benefit by engaging your customers and potential employees. If you have core competencies in your organization, consider exploiting them in Showcase Pages.




What they do right: Using thrilling visuals, actual rocket scientists break down concepts in the news along with interesting factoids, brought to a level that the average reader can access. They have also used LinkedIn’s search feature to identify 3 million potential candidates for space exploration.

How you can mimic them: Most companies can’t build their own rockets, but they can use their knowledge to make information accessible. What separates the real thought leaders from just really smart people is their ability to explain it (just like your favorite teachers always did).


6. McKesson


What they do right: You can lose yourself for hours in their healthcare articles - that also happen to pitch their products. They make great use of the format to sell, sell, sell, but they approach it from a position of education and cost reduction.

How you can mimic them: If you have great products, there’s nothing wrong with letting your success speak for you. Success breeds success.


7. Adobe


What they do right: No surprise that Adobe does visual right. They’ve been the go-to product since the release of Photoshop 1.0 in 1990 - they still are masters of the game, and it shows.

How you can mimic them: Find the right image to tease your story at any of the free stock photo sites. This one’s good, but there are plenty of others. Let me Google that for you.


8. Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF)


What they do right: They’ve earned the right to be more in-your-face than most brands, and they use it well. Their page overflows with the types of issues that lead the international news and creates traction on social media platforms globally.

How you can mimic them: If you are ready to be outspoken, then be ready to back it up. Inform. Interact. Entertain. Convert.


9. Coca-Cola


What they do right: Coke mixes a bit of employee love and behind-the-scenes looks into their operation with some social commentary. The morning after Super Tuesday, they posted this article.

The Coca-Cola Company Super Tuesday conversations getting a little heated at the office today? Here's some helpful advice:


Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 9.59.46 AM


It is fairly benign advice that ends with the heading: “Gracefully Wrap Up.” Still, not every company would be willing to engage.

How you can mimic them: Show your employees that not only do you value their contributions, but that you think they can be treated as adults. If they aren't, why did you hire them?


10. Social Media Delivered (Maybe I’m biased.)


What we do right: We use a mix of articles and videos on social media, along with quirkier posts to set our page apart. The full-time staffers and interns all get opportunities to develop content on subjects they suggest. This prevents that stale and stagnant feel that can occur when one person is tasked with all the content creation.

How you can mimic us: Drop us a note, we would love to show you how we can step up your LinkedIn presence.



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