News Update: The Ever-Changing Instagram Feed

By Kara Salazar | @karasalazar  

Multiple accounts, video counts, and picture “likes." Oh my! Change is not only being brought to the Instagram feed, but it's becoming a bit more secure.

The popular media-sharing site is finally making it easier for users to alternate between numerous accounts. At the beginning of February, Instagram announced support for multiple accounts on Android and iOS devices.

Now, you can go from your business to personal account with just one tap of your finger.

Instagram recently surpassed 200,000 followers, so this new feature comes at a perfect time. Videos are now coming with views.

Although this seems to be targeted to video advertisers, due to it allowing them to get real-time analytics, it should also help users see how popular their posts truly are.

Some are saying that this will lure in more advertisers or it could be an easy way to up the charge for marketers.  

How does it work, you ask? For every three seconds a video is viewed, you get one view. The view count will be posted on the left corner, replacing where the “likes” currently are.

Video “likes” aren’t completely disappearing either. If you tap on the number of views, it takes you to a list of everyone who “liked” your video.

The milestone “11th like” is going away. Now, all “likes” will be represented in numbers. Some people are not to happy with the new change.

With two-factor authentication, Instagram is also becoming more safe. Previously, the only way your account was protected was through the use of a password.

Two-factor authentication will let you verify your account through the input of your phone number. Even better - if your phone gets stolen or breaks down, there will also be a reset code.

This feature will slowly be rolling out to users in the coming months. Now, you don’t have to worry about losing all those cat pictures!

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