An Ode To Better Blogs and Dr. Seuss

By Bryan Bennett  

Think how much easier it would be to live life if just every now and then, we all spoke and wrote in rhyme like Dr. Seuss.

Since today, Theodor Geisel - better known as Dr. Seuss - would turn 112, it’s National Reading Day!

Naturally, my son got to wear crazy socks to school in honor of the incredible man.

Now, it’s my turn to stretch my legs and have a little fun.

An Ode to the Doctor


It is Dr. Seuss Day, and all 'cross the land

You will notice that school kids are taking a stand

Okay, they may sit, they are kids after all

But they will all be reading the big and the small

Take a stand with your blog

Take a stand while you sit

Take a stand while your Cherry MX Keys click.

Mix it up some, it's not really that hard to do

It's just what we learned from Thing One and Thing Two

We learned to read and we learned to rhyme

Our parents read us some books, time after time

But days like today can give a chance

To make your blog stand out if you take a stance

The Seussian meter,

The Seussian rhyme

The way Dr Seuss wrote will, given time

Remind people that you are able to say

So many things in an interesting way

And so they will come back time after time

To see what you thought

To see what you wrote

If you make your blog interesting they will take note

The news of the day does not have to be boring

Your take on a topic should not leave them snoring

Well I've had my say

I will bid you adieu

I have other things I need to do

It is time to get ready for work yet again

While I hope that these words slowly seep in

But if they do not then drop us a line

We are creative writers and we have the time

To punch up your Facebook, your LinkedIn, your tweets

From our SMD Headquarters and our funky seats.


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