News Update: Snapchat Introduces Swanky New Custom Geofilters

By Christina Gaines | @stinaegaines  

Damnnnnnnn, Snapchat.

Back at it again with the custom Geofilters?

Users, businesses and brands: your wildest dreams have come true. Snapchat has rolled out new “on-demand” Geofilters - bringing its sponsored Geofilter capability to the next level. These less expensive, custom Geofilters will cover tighter geographical areas and a wider range of special events. House party? Rock on. Wedding? Unite in disappearing image euphoria. The possibilities are truly endless here, and finally surpass the realm of public spaces.

Curious how it works? Pay a visit to Snapchat itself. First, design your own stunning masterpiece, or base yours off of the hip templates provided. Secondly, pick a time and “geofence” for your Geofilter. Lastly, run it by the platform for approval (or not) within - according to Snapchat - 1 business day.

If you’re new to the game, Geofilters are essentially in-app illustrations that are tied to specific locations. A great portion are user-generated - and until now, businesses weren’t a segment of the audience getting in on the game.

These custom filters won’t be as far-reaching as the app’s sponsored ones, but the lower point of entry should prove to be an experimental hit. In fact, brands and agencies have already taken their own short-term shots at it.

Having Geofilters not only makes it look like your business isn’t doing too poorly for itself, it offers an exciting new venue for your employees or clients to engage. Show off your creativity, draw people to build a relationship with your brand, and strike gold with the Millennials.


Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 9.30.44 AM


Not to be conceited, but isn’t that what everyone wants?

So, let us have it. What do you think about the new Snapchat custom Geofilters? Do you think it’s worth a try for your business? Tell us in the comments below.


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