News Update: GIFs Made Easier on Twitter

by Kara Salazar | @karasalazar GIF or jif?

No matter which way you pronounce it, it’s time to rejoice. Twitter introduced an easy-to-use GIF button in partnership with Giphy and Riffsy!


GIFs, or graphic interchange format pictures, have already been shared over 100 million times on Twitter. The new feature is currently only available on the mobile app, but it will also be coming to the desktop site with a new update that will also automatically expand tweets with any media. This move aims to save the platform, after Twitter reported its dropping number of active users and falling stock prices. Giphy and Riffsy have already shown their success on their own. Giphy is valued at 300-million and Riffsy has recently received 10 million in funding.  

So how does the feature work? When you click the GIF button, it brings up many categories from “Deal With It” to “Hugs.” These popular GIF engines also have massive databases that make it easy to search and express whatever emotion you’re feeling.

The GIF search feature will be completely rolled out to iPhones and Androids in the next coming weeks.

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