5 Best Restaurant Brands to Follow on Twitter

By Scarlett McCain | @ScarlettMcCain social-media-640543_960_720

Do you represent a restaurant brand and need some inspiration for your Twitter feed? Tired of just posting endless specials, deals and recipes? Add some punch to your posts.

We have just the inspiration for you.

1. Denny’s Winning Personality

I would like to think the corporate office for Denny’s in Spartanburg, South Carolina exhibits the same unabashed wit that their Twitter does.

After all, why wear suits when pancakes are an option?


What Denny’s excels at is brightening the day with amusing posts, and engaging with fans through humor. Their brand personality is cemented as that fun, silly guy who is the life of any party.

2. Starbucks Sneaking Ads By

This may bring me to full white girl status, but Starbucks deserves a shout out for the smooth handling of their Twitter. It can get annoying when 90 percent of a brand’s content is all aimed at converting, but this coffee shop somehow makes it acceptable.

Screen-Shot-2016-02-16-at-8.17.53-AM A lot of that success can be attributed to staying on top of current events and holidays. That image that’s nothing but an ad is less grating when you’re seeing a picture of an Iced Green Tea Latte in its natural habitat.

3. KFC Gets Friendly

At the end of the day, social media helps you engage with your customers, as well as gets them interested in your business. So, your posts should be a mix of how awesome you are, in addition to some interesting industry updates.

That doesn’t mean you can’t draw in some of your competitors for a little Twitter fun, though.

Screen-Shot-2016-02-16-at-8.30.27-AM KFC has been on a relentless campaign to push their Nashville Hot Chicken (the first tweet about it appears to be on January 17). Maybe Popeyes was tired of seeing Nashville Hot Chicken on their feed, or just feeling flirty; either way they tweeted back.

KFC wasn’t phased and quickly set a place for their date:


4. Olive Garden Always Answers

When a brand you know and love tweets you back, it’s awesome. (Don’t worry, we understand. No need to lie.)

Just scrolling down Olive Garden’s “Tweets and Replies” tab reveals how engaged they are with their audience - they have several interactions per hour with their fans, and not just an automated response.

Here is one such tale of love and devotion:




Mmm. Breadsticks. Just what we all need on our feed to make the work day go by faster.

5. Whataburger Has Connections

This fast food joint, like Denny’s, uses humor to get their point across. However, unlike Denny’s, Whataburger seems to actually adhere to normal grammar and spelling conventions:

Screen-Shot-2016-02-16-at-8.42.56-AM But Whataburger still knows how to bring the sass. That is not the true reason they’ve earned a spot on this list though.

It’s this:

Screen-Shot-2016-02-16-at-8.43.08-AM As we’ve recently covered, being a little more like Kanye instantly adds value to your brand.

Sadly, not everyone can be.

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