The Beef That Started Beef

by Richard Niño | @_Richard_Nino

What do you think of when you hear Burger King or Wendy’s? For me, it’s beef. However, a Twitter confrontation between the two burger giants brought an old-school term for beef back to life.

It all started when Wendy’s shamelessly promoted their 4 for $4 Meal.


However, Burger King, bringing math into the equation, had their own promotion.

Fighting words? Maybe. It could have been left at that, but the Internet is not exactly a place where physical confrontations can happen. Twitter user @bguerns13, Brittany Guernsey, asked Wendy’s what they would be firing back. Although the original post was taken down, social media is the world’s best record keeper. See below:


Burger King hasn’t answered yet, but I bet they’re off in a corner licking their wounds and preparing for a counterattack. Brittany Guernsey, however, seems to be taking to the spotlight quite well.


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