5 Simple Twitter Tips for the Biz Beginner

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Social media marketing is quickly becoming the norm amongst businesses of all types, enabling brands to communicate with potential clients from all over the world - straight from their mobile devices. Twitter remains one of the largest platforms, with millions of tweets sent daily. However, to make the most of the platform, you need to engage a sizable following.

So, when first starting out, how can you swell your Twitter following without it costing your business an arm and a leg? Here’s a little Twitter 101 for your business!

1. Follow as many (relevant) people as you can.

Most people that you follow will follow you back. If you want to gain a lot of followers, simply start following anyone that is into the same things your brand is interested in. Also, confirm they have a decent number of followers and that they are posting frequently enough to be an active member.

2. Favorite other people’s tweets.

They may follow you simply because of that fact. Everyone likes to be noticed on Twitter!

3. Re-tweet anything that you find interesting.

Many people will follow you simply because you re-tweeted something interesting and it showed up on their feed. If they’re into the brand you re-tweeted, there may be uncovered chemistry.

4. Make conversation with other Twitter members.

As a social media platform, you should be using Twitter to make and foster connections. Simply begin your tweet with the other person's Twitter handle and engage them in discussion. TweetChat.com is another website you may connect to your Twitter account in order to join in on conversations about technology, fashion, marketing and so much more! Everything you post on the chat will show up on your Twitter profile. You can facilitate conversations with other users and gain new followers from just one successful Twitter chat.

5. Let others know that you are available on Twitter on your other social media sites.

You may have quite a following on some of your other social media sites - so why not try to use that to your advantage on Twitter?


You can always get more followers by following all of these simple steps. If you are actively tweeting, re-tweeting and joining in on conversations on Twitter, you will be increasing your chances of gaining a higher following. Just like we mentioned earlier, you need to follow people who also represent parallel business ideas, have similar interests and are active Twitter users. You don't necessarily need to post organic content 100% the time. Liking and re-tweeting is a great way to get more followers and still be active on your profile. Beginning a conversation with the @ symbol allows you direct conversation with another user and it's an easy way of connecting with members. This will help boost your Twitter popularity.

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