Five Tips to Use Tumblr For Your Business

unnamed-15 If you have a business, you are probably busy with social media marketing. You probably have an active Facebook and Twitter account. Maybe you have a Pinterest account, if your business is highly visual. However, you might want to try Tumblr, one of the newest and brightest social media marketing platforms out there!

Here are some tips to use Tumblr for your business.

  • Share images and videos. Tumblr works well with visual images, just like Pinterest. If you have products that are visually attractive, you need to be on Tumblr. If not, you may just have to think outside of the box to find out what works for your business.
  • Share other blogs more than your own. It is important that you treat Tumblr like other platforms. The goal is not to come off like you are selling your business so you want to share more of everyone else’s content than your own. Focus on finding good quality content and reblog!
  • However, the most reblogged content is always images and shorter pieces. So it is always best to stick to that type of content if you want your business seen!
  • Post at the right time. Most people who use Tumblr are younger so you need to post first thing in the morning, around lunch time, and dinner time.
  • Use tags but don’t go overboard. You need to use tags to be found. Your first five tags are the only ones that count so don’t tag everything that you can think of!

Tumblr can be very useful for your business, as long as you don’t just use it to blog! You need to find other content that will be useful and reblog it. Also, make sure that you use tags but don’t go overboard! Only the first five tags will be used.

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