Using Social Media Demographics to Determine a Marketing Strategy

Demographic research can help you determine which social networks will be most valuable for your marketing. Keeping up with social networks is like being on a high-speed train. The technology world is exploding with platforms to communicate and share information with a variety of audiences. New avenues are introduced at a rapid rate. Both understanding and remaining current with social media demographics is a key component in maintaining a fluid business marketing plan.

How can you use social media data to market your business? Let's assume that your product targets a specific age group. Examining data will lend tremendous insight regarding which social media networks would reach your audience. Check out Smart Insights, "Global Social Media Research Summary 2015" to examine data on social media users by various demographics. Examining the top social networks, fastest growing platforms, age groups and even the gender users will all lend insight for developing a solid marketing plan. Never before have we had this level of quality data available to us.

The first step is examining the data and then what?  Determining what the data tells you and using the information to develop a specific marketing plan are the next steps. Realize that your business is unique and no two marketing plans will be identical.

Navigating, monitoring and updating multiple social media platforms are time-consuming. The solution is as easy as contacting us to assist you in examining social media demographics and utilizing them to grow your business. As technology expands and presents new communication opportunities, business strategies need to evolve. Let us help you keep pace with this fast-moving train!

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