Facebook Tries Disappearing Messages...Snapchat Style

Facebook's newest message feature, similar to Snapchat's, became available in France on November 13. French Facebook users now have a fun new message feature to play with - Facebook tries disappearing messages... Snapchat style.  As of November 13, 2015, Facebook rolled out their newest messaging feature on the French market.

The disappearing message feature allows users to send a message to friends, which disappears one hour after being read.  The remaining blank chat box serves as a permanent reminder of the conversation, but the message is gone forever after one hour.  This is similar to Snapchat's signature style, in which messages and pictures disappear after being viewed.

According to a Facebook spokesperson, the disappearing messages are being tested only on iOS and Android for now, but could eventually become an every day feature on all Facebook platforms.  The idea may be introduced to other markets as well, including the U.S., if well-received by Facebook's French users.

Interestingly enough, Facebook offered Snapchat $3 billion for their idea over two years ago, but they were turned down.  Apparently, Facebook thinks the idea of a disappearing message fits so well with their platform that they are willing to create their own version of the Snapchat.  Only time will tell if users remain loyal to Snapchat with their signature idea, or if they will prefer a multi-feature platform like Facebook for their disappearing messages.

While the success of this newest Facebook feature remains to be seen, businesses might be excited to consider the possibilities of disappearing messaging for promotional use.  When a message only lasts for an hour, the sense of urgency might just compel consumers to act quickly on a flash sale, for instance.  A limited time offer is even more enticing when the buyer has to decide to purchase, choose an item, and pay within a very small window of time.

While the idea of disappearing messages is not necessarily a novel idea at this point, the possibilities of combining it with existing Facebook features might just be enough to help Facebook pull this off.

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