Fundamental Solutions to Achieve Social Media Objectives for B2B/B2C

 Social media is one of the best ways to increase both engagement and brand awareness for your business, both of which generate more leads. Social media platforms have disrupted the way businesses engage with their customers – in a good way. Now, more than ever, businesses are learning more about their customers and increasing brand awareness through a variety of marketing strategies. Whether you're on social media for B2B/B2C you can implement these fundamental solutions to achieve your social media marketing objectives.

A study conducted by Ascend 2, revealed that the top three objectives for social media marketing are:

  • Increase engagement ( 64%)
  • Increase brand awareness (54%)
  • Increase lead generation (41 %)

Increase engagement

This study showed how important customer engagement is. But why is customer engagement the most important? Businesses learn more about their customers, and in a place where content goes viral, popular tweets are trending, and Facebook friends can share experience on a timeline for everyone to see, it is essentially important to reach out to the people who matter most - your customers.

Increase brand awareness

More importantly business mobility is successfully evolving into a platform where data, pictures, videos, and content are accessible in real-time through smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Customers can record a video of a business and share it with friends. This is important for businesses to create awareness and market their products and/or services.

The viral video on social media of James Wright who reviewed Patti LaBelle's sweet potato pie, and mentioned how great it was, has reached millions of people, and amounted in over $1 million in sales. The result, her pies sold out in Wal-Mart stores.

Whether your business is selling to a small niche audience, or a larger audience, social media is an effective way to promote brand awareness.

Increase lead generation

Businesses face the challenge of keeping up with social media trends, and may find that converting leads into sales are more challenging than expected. As businesses learn more about using social media to convert sales, Millennials, are finding up-to-date news stories on social media sites like Twitter, and Facebook. A survey showed that 88 percent of Millennials use Facebook to get news regularly, and more than half use it daily.

With real-time information and mobile devices, B2B and B2Cs can create a recipe for higher conversion rates by mentioning and implementing relevant products, and services into news that have videos, pictures, and a landing page to download, subscribe, or make a purchase.

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