4 Best Practices for Using Tumblr for Marketing

Make sure your Tumblr blog's theme is consistent with your brand and your other social media marketing platforms. Tumblr is an appealing social media marketing tool that can really build your brand and connect with your customers if you know how to use it to your advantage. With 47 million users, both desktop and mobile, it is a powerful platform that shouldn't be ignored.

Here are 4 ways to engage consumers and maximize your brand on Tumblr.

1. Aesthetics

Like so many platforms, Tumblr relies on images. They are the most popular thing to reblog, so it makes sense to create or share appealing images. GIF's and high-quality photography are highly popular. Make certain your blog's theme is consistent with your brand and your other social media marketing platforms.

2. Quality content

After making certain your Tumblr account is brand consistent and overall pleasing, it is important to create quality content. If you are sharing images, your captions need to capture the attention of your audience. They are searchable and are often the reason a user engages with a certain image. Your content should always represent your brand. Strong content will be positive, funny and creative. While images are popular, you may also find success with text, link or answer posts, but make sure to have a strong mix of both.

3. Link it 

Your Tumblr account should help lead your consumers to your main website. Make certain every post or image contains a link to your main site so they know how to engage you off of Tumblr. If you have an Instagram account for your business, connect to that account as well. Offering multiple ways for consumers to engage your brand increases the likelihood of conversion. You can also add social sharing buttons which will help with reposting across other platforms. This cross-linking is a great way to improve your exposure.

4. Engage

With any type of social media marketing, engagement is critical and Tumblr is no different. It facilitates communication between businesses and customers alike. Follow other Tumblrogs, commenting on others' posts and responding to comments on your content are all excellent ways to engage your followers. Increased engagement on your part will improve customer response. Sharing content that is not your own is also a great idea as it rewards your fans. If you have enough content, posting one to three times a day will keep you on the radar of your followers.

Tumblr is a powerful social media marketing tool and with effort and focus can increase brand awareness and improve exposure. For more information on using Tumblr for your business, please contact us today.

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