What Major Brands Aren't on Social Media?

By: Victoria Codispoti | @vlcodispoti Trader Joes

In this day and age it seems everyone is on social media somehow, but low and behold there are still a few brands that haven’t joined the social media race.


Trader Joe’s Though they have a website that promotes their new products and shares other information about the company, there is not push towards a Twitter profile or Facebook account.

Marlboro You won’t find Marlboro anywhere, more than likely because of the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement which placed numerous restrictions on this category of sale. This would make it very difficult to advertise and is probably better that they stay on the back burner.

Apple Is the biggest company in the world not on social media? That’s right! Though the company provides the medium for all iPhone users to access Twitter, Facebook, etc, this hasn’t seemed to hurt the brand.

Viagra Though Viagra spam floats the web, there aren’t official social media accounts actively promoting the brand. Much like Marlboro, it’s a very difficult product category to advertise and so they stay hidden.


Maybe one day we’ll see these big shot brands on social media, but for now I think they’ll be sticking to their current advertising tactics for now.

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