Top 10 Promoted Posts on Instagram

By: Brandi Morrow These B2C companies are leading the pack when it comes to promoted posts on Instagram!


  1. Many people Instagram to get a snapshot of other people’s adventures. Users don’t always want to be bombarded with tons of in-your-face brand advertisements, so the best thing an ad can do is use real content from real people. User generated content in Instagram ads tell an authentic story and portrays brand personality.



  1. Promoted Instagram ads can drive engagement with enticing video content. Campaigns gain more success once businesses progress from merely aiming for likes and shares to focusing on interaction. Videos are a key way to captivate customers through Instagram, such as in this PlayStation video ad.



  1. Understanding audience demographics is integral to formulating an advertising strategy. Most Instagram users are under the age of 35, making it a particularly youthful market. Many millennials are moving out, making their own decisions and paying their own bills. Sprint’s ad connects with them by empathizing with their struggles and offering an easy solution for their wireless service.



  1. Flipp uses advertisements to share exclusive content and discounts to increase engagement. It capitalizes on making their fans feel special and appreciated. Surprise your followers and give them something to talk about by sharing exclusive savings.



  1. Absolut’s ad is appealing to the DIY Instagrammer. The ad’s message is simple, keeping in mind that pictures can be more valuable than words.



  1. A successful ad lies in increasing conversions, so a solid call to action is key. Moviehouse created a profitable, integrated campaign by incorporating a convenient “Book Now” call to action, increasing the likelihood of conversions because of its ease-of-use.



  1. Your brand’s voice is the core component to creating a campaign.  Rooms To Go was able to connect with future customers by taking a potentially boring picture of a sofa and making it appealing by adding a quirky, humorous caption.



  1. Airbrush App’s ad demonstrated its usefulness to its target audience by providing a real-life example of their picture-editing made easy. Giving potential customers a peek of what they will experience with your service or product can help generate conversions and increase your ad’s ROI.



  1. A bit of humor goes a long way in making this Jameson ad memorable. They took into consideration the current obsession with impressive facial hair and incorporated it with their advertising strategy. Funny. Memorable. Manly.



  1. AT&T connected with viewers by simply invoking sweet emotions through their puppy ad. They took advantage of the puppy lovefest on Instagram (some dogs even have their own accounts!) and created a successful campaign just by using puppy dog eyes. How could you say no?


Are you considering implementing promoted posts on your Instagram? Let us know in the comments below how you will incorporate eye-catching strategy!

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