Eve Mayer To Speak At DiG Festival 2015: Digital Disruption & Transformation

dig20151-1 DiG (Design + Innovation + Growth) Festival 2015 is happening in Newcastle on October 12 and 13  and will showcase a range of talented speakers on the topics of digital disruption and transformation. One of those talented speakers will be Social Media Delivered CEO, Eve Mayer.

Eve will be concluding the first day of the festival with a keynote speech entitled "When social media erupts"Forbes listed Mayer as the seventh most influential woman in social media, and she has spoken at events around the world, such as the the NATO 2015 Social Media Conference, which included attendees from the United Nations, NASA, Facebook and Google.

According to an article by Techly, "Mayer, who goes by the handle @LinkedinQueen, strongly believes in the legitimacy of LinkedIn." In a recent media release, Eve said "LinkedIn continues to lead the way as the professional social media platform of choice," adding, "It is important for organizations around the world to understand LinkedIn’s versatility and how they might use this powerful tool to achieve goals."

The DiG Festival began in 2013 to provide an event within Australasia to look at quality innovation and technology. It aims to show Australian businesses how to use technology for their benefit.

If you would like to attend the DiG festival and hear from the talented speakers, including Eve, tickets are still available from the DiG Festival website.

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