Getting the most out of Twitter and Facebook

Blog Victoria Codispoti | @vlcodispoti

Facebook and Twitter are both useful tools in helping your business’s social media presence grow, if you use them effectively. Follow our top 10 useful tips for to ensure you’re getting the most out of your company’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Facebook Top 5:

  • Groups Facebook gives you the ability to create a group of people all with a common purpose. When you are the owner of the group, you can give certain members posting capabilities, which will allow you to decide who you want leading conversations and building the community in your group.
  • Ads Advertisements are a great way to target the exact audience that you need to reach. For even just a small payment, you can choose specific interests, industries, locations and other characteristics to steer your advertisement to target 
  • Move This is where you need to guide your followers, hey, they’re following you for a reason right? By converting your posts to give users somewhere to aim, followers will be able to make purchases or sign up for services your business provides. Moving them from Facebook to your company’s page will get them where they need to be.
  • Video As video becomes more popular on social media, users are utilizing short, concise videos in order to get your point across. Videos also allow your company to get creative with the content while mixing up your news feed so it’s not just picture after picture or post after post.
  • Engagement Encouraging your followers to comment and like your content will help it spread onto their newsfeeds as well, which gives you more coverage. If it applies to your company, try giving a reward or incentive for the first 10 likes and then DM them a promo code.

Twitter Top 5:

  • Culture Twitter is all about short snappy messages. Interacting and engaging with followers will help your brand grow. Twitter gives you the capability to direct your message to a specific group with the hashtags. When people search a specific hashtag they can be directed to your tweet under that subject, even if they are not already following your page.
  • Influences Luckily you can access anyone on Twitter, as long as they are not on protected tweets. This means that if another company that relates to yours is posting about an event or other content, your company can get in on that conversation. Doing so will show their followers that you are involved, and will get your brand's name out there for new people to see.
  • Aware Create a presence of your brand on Twitter, but don’t bombard them. You can direct them, much like the ‘Move’ tip for Facebook. Encourage them to subscribe to a newsletter where you can then follow through with a sale or service. 
  • Balance You must balance what you’re posting. If all you do is retweet your competitors and other brands, your followers will begin to go follow them instead, and will lose engagement with your brand. By creating and sharing your own content, you can show you followers the true personality of your brand.
  • Technology Utilize today’s tools and gadgets, such as Hootsuite or Tweepi, to be sure you’re covering all your bases. These are not only time-saving tools, but also increase increase efficiency and allow you to view your posts in an organized manner. They will also give you the ability to manage your feed and better target your message and audience.


When thinking about how to creating and promoting your brand’s personality remember to be honest and open. Customers want to buy and follow a brand that is truthful and represents a brand of values. Now get to posting!

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