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If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably got a pretty good idea of what Twitter is. But Tweepi? The name may sound outlandish to you, but if you’re a business or a brand, Twitter and Tweepi should really go hand in hand.

Tweepi is an app that is used to grow your Twitter following, find new followers, filter followers, post to your account, and more. Outside of just using Twitter for following purposes, you can also analyze data regarding your posts and their respective engagement. You can then use that data to shape your content going forward. Tweepi is extremely effective in making your Twitter experience simpler and more comprehensive, especially when you’re running a big account that may be hard to follow.

There are a few different Tweepi packages: Silver, Platinum and Free. After much research, there does not appear to be a Tweepi affiliate program, but for the past several years there have been a lot of promises that another is coming soon.

The Silver package allows you to filter friends and followers with up to 15 different types of criteria — think ‘date of last post,’ ‘number of followers’ and ‘location.’ You can also force the unwanted to unfollow you. This packages means that you can see up to 100 users per page, you can sort and filter all, you have access to premium tools, and you can bulk add users to your list. On top of all of this, the Silver package also blocks advertisements, which is an added bonus if that’s a big pet peeve of yours. These premium tools are shortcut tools that basically allow you to automate the un-following process and pre-filter who shows up when you’re trying to follow followers. The automation and pre-filter elements of this package would majorly cut your Tweepi time in half. This package is $7.49 per month, billed automatically, and can be cancelled at any time. Sounds pretty good, right? This is a fairly small price to pay for what you’re getting.

Taking a step up is the Premium package, which costs twice as much as the Silver package but reduces your time spent that much more. It includes all of the Silver features with an upgrade. Premium means you get to see 200 users per page, a follow/unfollow history column, a tweet with geolocation search and follow, a user bio/interests search and follow capability, and again, anytime cancellation.

Think of the Free package as Microsoft Word that came out in the early 2000s, Silver as Microsoft Word in 2010, and Premium as the Microsoft Word that came out yesterday. They all work and get the job done, but the accessibility, functionality and complexity each differ.

The downside to these packages is that if you’re running multiple accounts, if you’re a social media firm, or a guru, you have to pay for the package per the account. Say you’re running five accounts, on Silver that’s about $35 a month and on Premium that’s $75. These are sometimes still minor costs, especially in a large company, but it’s still something worth paying attention to before purchasing.

Now that you’ve got the lowdown on Tweepi, I think it’s safe to say the differences are in the time you’re putting in and the price you’re paying. With the Free package, you can do pretty much the same things, or at least use it for the basics, but it’s going to take quite a bit longer. Keep in mind, it’s not taking up your whole day but the amount of time spent depends on what’s on your plate. Take a look at your accounts and try to decide what would work best for you considering the time and cost.

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