Top 10 Brands That are Surprisingly Fun on Social

Savannah Collins | @Savycollins You’re just a business. At least that’s who you’re supposed to be on social media. But when has that ever given you permission to be boring? Don’t get stuck thinking your business has to be strictly professional online, because you can be both. Below are some examples of businesses whose industry may not be the most exciting, but they’ve got people talking about them as a result of the interesting way they illustrate their social media presence.

#10 Smart Car

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It’s easy to overlook these small cars while driving down the highway, but it’s impossible to pass them by on social media. These accounts have heavily included their customers’ own images of their smart cars into their social media content. The images shown are all funny, cool, and entertaining for their target market, who’s clearly loving it based on their likes and interaction. So take a note to take a backseat and give your customers the wheel.

#9 TSA


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Ever wonder what a day in the life would be for a TSA officer at the airport? Well it’s perfectly portrayed on their instagram account for all to see the crazy ways and things people try to sneak through security. And you can’t forget the cute profiles of their pups who do a lot of the detection work.

#8 General Electric

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I look nothing like an engineer, but the same can be said for the employees at General Electric. They have started a campaign with the hashtag #ILookLikeAnEngineer that includes pictures of employees, which acts to showcase the face of the company. It’s bringing a lot of attention to encourage others to not judge others by their cover, as well as to the company and their values. Companies like these gain popularity with their positive messages and interactive characteristics.

#7 Staples

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All year round this company is able to have content that's relevant with the season, even though the start of the school year is their most relevant time of the year. Across their accounts they switch up the content and provide a large amount of original videos and helpful coupons to effectively reach their target audience. I’d say they sure do have a staple on their social media presence!

#6 Dove

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Soap is something I like to keep in the shower but Dove has taken a step up with their social content to make it something to talk about. They’ve perfectly divided up their Twitter to be interactive and full of emojis, their Facebook to be more informational, and their Instagram to be pretty and inspirational. Exactly how the world should be.

#5 Lululemon

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Motivating others to workout is no easy task, but after looking over Lululemon’s social accounts, I’m ready to get out there! They have a beautiful imagery of community events, landscapes, and people who are happy with their lifestyle. This company is going above and beyond to relate and provide useful information to their consumers.

#4 Lowes

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Get inspired by DIY projects everywhere and anywhere just by scrolling through your news feed. This company, whose industry is fun, but overwhelming to most, has found a way to be entertaining to all with fun videos of neat DIY tips. By posting original content that entertaining and interactive, they are getting a lot in return.

#3 Eat 24

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This genius company has created a way for you to order food from your favorite restaurants to be delivered straight to your door. They’re the Uber of the food industry. How did we find out about them? Through their awesome Twitter and Instagram accounts that are full of humor and deliciousness that I never knew I would find from a delivery company.

#2 Post-It Brand

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I don’t know if anyone is like me but I geek out about office supplies, especially sticky notes. But for the other 99% of the population who isn’t like that, this product isn’t as exciting. What Post-It has going for them is a mix of colorful and entertaining content full of pictures. Everyone likes pictures and ideas for silly pranks.

#1 H&R Block

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This tax preparation company is rocking the tax world, a world that nobody likes. How are they doing it? Take a look at how entertaining their posts are even though they don’t directly relate to their services. Their one weakness is not posting enough, but we can’t all be perfect. Now you should have a better idea of how any business can make their social media presence a little more fun and interesting. Another example of companies who are still great at their content can be found here. If you find you or your company struggling with this, Social Media Delivered is only a phone call away to see how we can help!

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