Top 10 Twitter Accounts in Dallas

Logan Scheps | @Logan_Scheps Dallas is among the Top 10 list of successful cities on almost everybody's list. With a population of roughly 1.3 million and home to hundreds of headquarters, growth is not something in demand in Dallas. As companies start realizing the benefit behind social media, more and more companies are adopting profiles on multiple sites and are using them as one of their biggest marketing tools. One site in particular is Twitter, which has become notorious for making or breaking companies. The speed of which information travels on this site is astronomical, millions of people can be reached by the same 140 characters within minutes. With that being said, here is a list of Dallas companies that have mastered the art of Twitter and are a must follow.

1. Social Media Delivered @Socialmediadel

SMD was established in 2008 by the CEO @LinkedinQueen, and since, has become one of the top social media companies in the DFW area. Their Twitter following is up to 53.2K and their content consists of blogs, social media tips and fun things about social media, just to brighten up your news feed.

2. The Adolphus Hotel @TheAdolphus 

The Adolphus is the most luxurious hotel in the city of Dallas and have a Twitter following of 31.7K. Their regularly posted content consists of events happening within the DFW area, traveling tips, great deals on rooms and images of what makes them great.

3. Chili's @chilis

Chili's has a Twitter following of 271K, and what makes their profile unique is how personal they shape their responses. Chili's uses Twitter as their first line of customer service, and excel at handling any comments, questions and concerns that the customers may have. They also have the capability of making your mouth water, with pictures of their food products and talk of how reasonably priced it is.

Chili's Grill & Bar@chilis

4. 7-Eleven @7eleven 

7-Eleven has mastered the way of appealing to the younger demographic, which makes up most of their 73.1K followers. Using pictures and phrases, 7-Eleven is able to make their corporate sales pitches seem like friendly posts.

The next two on the list, are on for the same reasons. They get compared frequently because they are direct competitors of one another. Both American Airlines and Southwest Airlines use their Twitter accounts to manage their customer service. Many complaints are sent towards airlines, all of which consist of fees, delays, luggage, security and other passengers. So, both airlines see this as an opportunity to offer quick solutions to these complaints, as well as a small bit of PR for their brands.

5. American Airlines @Americanair

American Airlines has 1.16M followers on their Twitter page. In addition to customer service, AA will provide information on travel updates, weather issues and other flight related information.

6. Southwest Airlines @Southwestair Southwest Airlines is roughly at 1.89M followers, similar to AA, Southwest provides efficient customer service, and flight-related updates.

7. Neiman Marcus @Neimanmarcus

Neiman Marcus has a following of 332K and offers a profile that is perfect for fashionistas. They actively post new seasonal designs and behind the scenes of photoshoots. Their visuals are luxurious and very well done.

8. Frito-Lay @fritolay 

Frito-Lay has 244K followers on Twitter, and you should follow them because of their awesome use of social media. They sometimes offer flavor contests with the chance to win $1,000,000 and are currently talking about the people behind Lays potato chips by posting small articles about each employee. They are doing great with customer service via social media and are appealing to the younger demographic.

9. Gamestop @gamestop

If you love video games then you should join Gamestop's following of 867K. They actively post news regarding upcoming games and intently engage with customers with contests and questions.

10. Dallas Morning News @Dallasnews 

DMN offers everything anyone needs to know involving the DFW area. Being the biggest source of news in Dallas, DMN posts information about local events, crimes, weather, heart-warming features and much more. With an active following of 242K, DMN provides every follower with articles, blogs, photos and reviews of both the stories in the DFW area as well as some national coverage, of major events.

These 10 profiles are just a few examples of Dallas companies that utilize social media well. As social media further develops and new capabilities are implemented, these companies will most likely be among the first to adapt to any changes. So give them a follow and tell them @Logan_Scheps sent you.

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