Forget Post-Event, Welcome Event Posts

live-tweet Logan Scheps | @logan_scheps Imagine that a friend comes to you and tells you about an awesome event you wanted to attend but weren’t able to. Your friend sits there and tells you in explicit detail everything that happened and ends it by saying, “You should have been there.”

This is what businesses do by posting highlights of their events. After the event has ended, they will tease the audience with pictures and captions saying, “You should’ve come!” But the audience has still missed out. By live-tweeting pictures and videos during the event, you give your audience a deeper sense of inclusion. It allows them to see firsthand what the event is like, rather than being told about it and having to try to visualize what it was like.

If posting during events is a regular occurrence for your business, people will be drawn to your social media accounts. This could lead to your audience habitually checking out each event as if they were attending all of them. This brings more traffic to your social media platforms, which improves your relationships with customers and the way you market to them.

When posting live during an event, aim to post or tweet about every 15 minutes. This ensures consistency without the material becoming repetitive. Twitter knows that live-tweeting is the next big thing in marketing. To capitalize on this trend further and enhance the audience’s experience, Twitter has released Periscope, a live video streaming app that connects directly to your Twitter feed. It notifies followers when you are streaming live and provides the link to send them right to the video.

Posting events live via social media instills the “I have to be there” mentality, the mindset most businesses aim for their target demographic to be in.

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