Pinterest's Smart Feed: How It Can Help You

The majority of companies today use some sort of social media to promote products and services. From Facebook to Twitter, social media platforms can help your company reach a wider audience and engage with a larger community. In this case, Pinterest is no different. However, while many social media services are predominantly text based, Pinterest is all about visual stimuli. Here are some tips on how to run a successful Pinterest account for you company.

Smart Feed

Pinterest’s Smart Feed is a new mathematical algorithm based on a variety of data: quality of the pin and website it derives from, as well as a rating given by Pinterest itself. Quality pins go to the top of the boards and stay there as long as they are getting meaningful interactions in the form of repins. The quality of the source is determined by how often someone pins content from the site and how those pins have done. The Pinterest rating then puts pins on the Smart Feed based on the performance of the pin as well as the performance of other pins from that site. Pins are placed on the Smart Feed best first, not newest first like is done with Facebook’s Feed. Nobody on Pinterest will have a flooded Smart Feed of similar pins anymore, instead there will always be a variety on user’s Smart Feeds.

Optimizing For The Smart Feed

Now that you know how the Smart Feed prioritizes pins, the trick is optimizing it. Always post your best content. Also make sure your images are high definition. Since Pinterest assigns a rating to websites in accordance to the performance of pins posted from that site in the past, never repin content without knowing where it comes from. You should browse the site the pin is from before you repin it. You want to make sure the rest of the sites content is up to par with this specific pin. If it isn’t, it’s probably not a good idea to repin it, as it won’t be seen by many users.

Good Pinterest Habits

While Pinterest is based on images rather than text, it’s important not to skimp on the latter. If you write thoughtful descriptions on your pins you’re more likely to get repins and followers. Remember that Pinterest users are surfing the site in order to learn new things and find inspiration. Give users what they want and if you’re promoting products, let them know how it can help them and why. Helpful pins get the most attention.

A good Pinterest strategy can take you a long way, but optimizing your blog or website for Pinterest is also an important aspect of being a popular Pinterest user. A good website builder can help you optimize your blog for Pinterest and help you create high quality images for pinning.

When it comes to running a successful business with the power of Pinterest, keep your pins relevant. Make sure all your pins are connected with your service or product. Don’t post pins that are a stretch for pinners to connected with your area of focus.

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