Pinterest User Intent Transforms Business’s Capabilities

Savannah Collins | @SavyCollins Users have social media accounts across many platforms because we get something different from each site. The way content is posted or shared is different for each, but more importantly, our original intent for using each platform is different. For example, you may use Facebook as the place you check in with your family and use Twitter or Instagram to check in and talk with your friends, but what do you use Pinterest for?

A study from Millward Brown Digital has found that Pinterest users utilize the site to gather information, plan purchases, or proceed to purchase. Shopify notes that Pinterest is the second largest source of traffic to their stores. With this new insight into consumer intent, Pinterest has changed their focus: for businesses to be more successful at garnering consumer engagement.

Pinterest has made a quick turnaround for changing their focus to better suit businesses. Promoted Pins were originally designed to bring more content in front of consumers. Pinterest’s new advertising solutions, however, strive to be a comprehensive, easier and efficient means of marketing and selling products.

Pinterest’s new advertising solutions incorporate what they are calling an external partner ecosystem. This is also referred to as their Marketing Developer Partners. These partnerships are going to transform how businesses create insights, customer relationships, brand love, and connections between social media platforms. Currently, Pinterest is working with Ahalogy, Buffer, Expion, NewsCred, Percolate, Shoutlet, Spredfast, Sprinklr and Tailwind. These handpicked partners will help ensure businesses still keep pinners first while adjusting to the new set of goals. As this new feature grows, the number of partners will also increase.

These new partnerships working toward greater advertising solutions will increase business interaction on Pinterest further, taking it from a social media platform to a social shopping platform for brands.

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