There’s a Hashtag for That: Top 10 Financial Hashtags

Brittany Turner | @B_Sharnez

People post almost anything on social media, including about financial topics. There are tons of finance-related hashtags going around the world of Twitter, but today we are going to let you in on the top 10.

1. #401K – Used when referring to a profit-sharing plan that allow employees to give a portion of their money to individual accounts.

2. #advisors – Used when referring to financial advisors, who are people whose job it is to consult with their clients about financial matters.

3. #budget – Used when discussing ways to save money or spend on a set limit of money.

4. #bonds – Used to refer to a fixed interest rate of loans given by an investor to a company for a certain amount of time.

5. #babyboomer – Used when referring to a person born post–World War II, between 1946–1964, when a large amount of children were born. They are usually considered privileged.

6. #currencies – The form of money accepted by a country.

7. #data – Used to refer to financial graphs, statements or any other type of financial information.

8. #debt – Money owed to a person, company or government.

9. #economy – Used when referring to any information on any economy.

10. #squaredawayIt is a military term that means ready or clean. In financial terms, squared away means being ready for your financial future.

With these hashtags, your Twitter page, and in turn your company, will be more likely to attract people who are interested in finance. What other financial hashtags are out there that we may have missed? Share with us in the comments below!

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