Video Exchange on Twitter: Using Video as Interaction

Lauren Peek@_LaurenPeek

Recently Twitter jumped on the bandwagon and introduced native video-capture capabilities into their mobile app. It was a smart move. Video is becoming increasingly popular on social platforms, and the opportunity for social media platforms to encourage their users to think of them for video hosting in addition to sharing is enormous.

It also provides fun opportunities for businesses and individuals to reach out to followers like never before. Take the example below. Our CEO, Eve Mayer, sent out a DM inviting people to ask her a question about social media.

She received a video response:

Eve, in return, answered with a video. 

Video responses like this offer companies a chance to show the people behind the brand and connect with audience members in a very real and humanizing way. Although the videos are only 30 seconds long, they allow for the exchange of more information than 140 characters. Odds are, with the way the use of video has been exploding lately, tweets like this will become more and more common.

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