Catstacam: Instagram for Cats

Lauren Peek | @_LaurenPeek It has been said that cats own the Internet. In many ways this is true. No matter where you turn on social media platforms, you're eventually going to run into a cat photo or meme. Cats do rule the Internet through their humans. Through Whiskas Australia's Catstacam campaign, however, cats can now post to the Internet (specifically Instagram) themselves.

Catstacam is a motion-activated collar camera worn by the cat. The Catstacam snaps photos as the cat goes about its day and wanders around. The device has the ability to take six photos per minute and upload the best ones to the cat's Instagram account when it comes into Wi-Fi range. The photos uploaded by the Catstacam all have the same caption and are grouped under the hashtag #Catstacam.

The photos are beautiful in an artsy kind of way. They show the viewer the world (mostly backyards and indoor spaces) from a cat's-eye view.

The default caption uploaded with each photo reads:

"I took this photo so you can see the world through my eyes. If you notice any behaviour you're curious about, just ask a question using #AskWhiskas. Check out photos from other cats at #Catstacam."

If any followers have a question about what the cats are doing or cat behavior in general, Whiskas' veterinary expert Dr. Jacqui Ley will answer the questions in the comments of the photo.

While the prototype Catstacam devices are only being given to famous Aussie cats to test right now, cat lovers are crossing their fingers that the devices will become available for the general public soon. Either way, the Catstacam device is giving a whole new meaning to "cat photos."

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