Top 20 Instagram Accounts to Inspire You - Part 2!

Fadoua Hakimi | @FadouaHakimi

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform. Any interest you have, you will find someone who is sharing photos about it. These are a few people who grace my feed every day and I think you’ll find inspiration from them. Enjoy!

1. @humansofny Brandon Stanton is an American photographer and blogger. He takes street portraits of people in New York City, telling their diverse and unique stories. Your heart will swell, break and explode with each post.

2. @cleaneatz

Eating healthy has never looked so pleasing. The Cleaneatz girls share pictures of their vibrant meals and fun quotes to keep you inspired and motivated to be the healthiest version of yourself!

3. @witanddelight_

With seamless backgrounds and perfectly arranged items, Kate Arends knows design. Her interior design techniques will leave you wide-eyed. You’ll want to copy and paste all of her minimalist designs into your personal spaces.

4. @earthxplorer

Although you might not be able to visit Bali and the Sahara Desert in the same week, following JD Andrews's Instagram account will allow you to follow along vicariously with him. He’s traveled to more than 93 countries in seven continents. Travel is clearly his life.

5. @CharityWater

Charity Water is a nonprofit organization that provides clean water to those in need. Photos of the people they have helped will not only bring a smile to your face, but also help you appreciate what you have readily available.

6. @levoleague

Levo League is a “thriving community of young professionals, mentors, and innovative companies taking Gen Y by storm.” Following them will get you motivational quotes about advancing in your career and will motivate you to achieve your dreams.

7. @NationalGeographic

We all love National Geographic. The adventures the photographers experience and the pictures they take of the faraway places you want to travel to and all of the creatures inhabiting this world will remind you that you could be there! But a picture will do for now.

8. @PassionPassport

Passion Passport is a community of travelers, storytellers and photographers inspiring you to travel. Travel to some of the most amazing places in the world by simply scrolling down the page.

9. @makhorov

Ever wonder what it looks like to peer down from great heights? Vadim Makhorov is here to show you. Follow his adventures from all over the world with some killer aerial views.

10. @leesamantha

Samantha is all about playing with her food. Enjoy her creative twist on everyday food. An omelet becomes a chicken, and a piece of toast and some salmon are turned into Big Ben.

11. @muradosmann

#FollowMeTo this amazing Instagram account. Murad Osmann is being pulled all over the world by @yourleo. Enjoy beautiful views and unbelievable outfits. They’re truly mesmerizing.

12. @Yoga_Girl

Rachel Brathen is exactly what her handle says — a Yoga Girl! She shares her many adventures by taking snippets of herself in yoga poses all over the world. Sometimes, her poses defy gravity.

13. @Dschwen LLC

Design is the game and Dschwen LLC is winning. They strive to connect people "with brands through design that resonates." Your eyes will be pleased each time you see one of their posts while scrolling through your feed.

14. @KrystalCantu

Looking for workout inspiration? Look no further. Cantu, who lost an arm in a crash, powers through different workouts and catalogs them. This CrossFit enthusiast’s daily posts will inspire you to push yourself. Complete with video how-tos, Cantu demonstrates true strength of body and mind.

15. @lazygirlfit

We’re all lazy but want to be fit. Jess Robinson will help you get up and moving. She shares lifestyle tips and pictures of workout ideas and products that will help you reach your goals. Soon you’ll be lazy and fit too!

16. @tuulavintage

Jessica Stein is a traveler and personal style blogger. She’s originally from Sydney, Australia and is now traveling all over the world to share her experiences. She shares everything you want to see about lots of top destinations.

17. @patrickbeach

Patrick has followers bent over backward with his awesome yoga poses and incredible beard. He will mix up your feed with his minimalist style photos and beautiful art of yoga.

18. @gopro_athletes

GoPro products are the favorite toys for techies and photographers. This account takes you into the action-packed motion of sports. Whatever sport you’re into, you’ll find it here. Surfing, snowboarding and biking are all included!

19. @thisisglamorous

Think about everything you’ve ever wanted in the material world. You’ll see it here! A bit on the girly side, but beautiful nonetheless. Antique cars, cute tea cups, and flowers on end, this account is a delight guaranteed to make you smile.

20. @Nike

Follow them! Just do it, as their motto says. It’s not all about the shoes, it’s about the experience. They show athletes taking Nike and turning it into something of their own. You will be inspired.

Are there any Instagrammers we should add to the list? Tell us in the comments below!

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