3 Cloud-Based Tools to Boost Your Brand's Image

Saturating both digital and print media outlets doesn’t guarantee your business will garner the attention it needs to make its presence known in the marketplace. In fact, there’s a chance your efforts could backfire and fail to accurately convey your brand’s image.

However, implementing an effective brand management strategy and harnessing the power of cloud-based tools can give your brand’s reputation the boost it needs to attract more prospects and increase conversion rates.

Here are some cloud-based tools worth considering:

1. Cloud Storage

When system outages occur, your company may experience a decrease in employee productivity until data recovery procedures are fully executed. Furthermore, customers or other end users will be inconvenienced if they’re using a self-service module. According to the results of a recent survey from Coleman Parkes Research, North American businesses experience approximately 10 hours of downtime annually due to system issues or errors. This equates to lost revenues and the risk of your brand’s reputation being slightly tarnished if your customers decide to complain online.

However, implementing a cloud-based storage system helps eliminate issues of this sort since essential files and data are kept in a remote location that is always accessible.

2. Reputation Management Software

With reputation management software, you can stay abreast of what’s being said about your organization so you can cater to the specific needs of your target market, show appreciation for your customers and promptly address any concerns that arise. You don’t want to overlook or ignore customer feedback since it’s what validates the claims about your company and its offerings.

Cloud-based public relations software programs offer an array of benefits. For example, you can launch an online campaigns that is designed to expand your brand’s reach. This type of software also enables users to access a database that is full of media resources and keyword research tools. Best of all, social media pages can be managed from a lone platform without having to log in to several sites at once.

Take a look at this comprehensive list of cloud-based reputation management software products from Capterra to identify a product that will best suit your company’s needs.

3. Storytelling Apps

SnapChat is a great example of a platform that facilitates storytelling on the fly. Not only does it show the evolution of your brand, but because of its fluid nature, SnapChat tells a different story every day.

Customers and prospects are also able to get an exclusive look at your brand’s personality and what it entails with this app. SnapChat captures candid moments that become etched in the minds of fans who take notice. The content doesn’t have to be perfect because of the app's temporal nature, so you can feel free to be yourself. And that’s what customers like to see: authenticity or a real-life portrayal of your business.

If you’re willing to leverage these cloud-based tools to strengthen your brand’s reputation, revenue growth will follow suit and you’ll quickly become the first option among consumers in your target market.

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