Top 10 Best Hotels on Instagram

Colleen Fielder | @yogirlcfield With Instagram on the rise, hotels are turning to the platform to display unique images they hope will captivate an audience. For hotels in particular, Instagram gives consumers a peek into what they’re about to discover, including rooms, activities and even the history of the hotel. Hotels can create a personality for their brand. Here are few that know how to use it.

  1. W Hotels Worldwide | Instagram @whotels

They avoid constant self-promotion and instead focus on current and emerging trends and LOTS of a variety. With over 75,000 followers, W Hotels knows what their audience wants: beautiful, high-quality images from their various hotel locations as well as new club spots, awesome activities and even yoga poses on the beach. You’ll want to book your getaway ASAP.

  1. Four Seasons Hotel & Resorts | Instagram @fourseasons

One look at their Instagram and you’ll be screaming LUXURY. The Four Seasons stays relevant, posting images from their Paris location a few weeks before Fashion Week and the most romantic locations for a honeymoon right before Valentine's Day. You’re bound to fall in love. Their profile is colorful, rich and has a serious “wish you were here” vibe. Join their 90,000 followers and see what you’ve been missing.

  1. Ace Hotels | Instagram @acehotels

Ace Hotels is officially the cool kid we all wish we could be. Their seven locations are all about history and culture, and their Instagram reflects just that. Every post tells a story and their old-school theme shines on Instagram. From Bon Jovi quotes to vinyls and cool graphics, Ace Hotel is a great example of a company more focused on creating an image than promoting their specific services and for them, it works perfectly.

  1. Beachcomber Hotels | Instagram@beachcomber_hotels

Looking to live like a beach bum, or at least pretend? Look no further. Beachcomber Hotels owns and manages eight hotels in Seychelles. They seriously promote the beach lifestyle, and their Instagram posts could be straight from a Corona ad. Through images of sailing, snorkeling, golfing or just relaxing on the beach, Beachcomber Hotel promotes itself as family-friendly as well as an ideal honeymoon destination. There’s no wrong reason for a beach vacation!

  1. San Giorgio Hotel Mykonos | Instagram @sangiorgiomykonos

Bride to be? Take a look at San Giorgio Hotel in Mykonos if you’re looking for a truly stunning destination wedding. San Giorgio’s Instagram posts range from wedding pictures, crystal clear water, white beaches and of course the city of Mykonos. Whether you’re looking to book or just want to dream, their Instagram is a must-see. The number of followers may be low compared to others on this list, but their audience is growing at a rapid pace. To their followers, it’s a place to find inspiration for décor, food and drink.

  1. Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel | Instagram @watsonsbayboutiquehotel

Take a memorable trip down under! You're sure to have a good time at this hotel, located in Sydney, Australia. Visiting their Instagram account with 13,000 followers feels like seeing pictures from the coolest party you missed out on. Seriously, where’s my invite? Watsons Bay is creating a lifestyle we’re all dying to be a part of. Its target audience is clearly younger, mid-twenties to early thirties. Think spring break destination but luxury.

  1. Thompson Hotels | Instagram @thompsonhotels

NYC, Miami, Chicago, Toronto, London or Cabo San Lucas. The world is your oyster with Thompson Hotels. Their slogan, “For those who have arrived, but are nowhere near finished,” is effortlessly translated to their Instagram posts. They’re looking to attract followers with a love for travel. And who knew travel could look so tasty! Avoid their Instagram if you’re feeling hungry. Their food looks like a culinary masterpiece and the views aren’t too bad either.

  1. Gansevoort Hotels | Instagram @gansevoort

Gansevoort’s Instagram is like looking at modern art and the perfect beach vacation all rolled into one. They have two locations: NY and Turks & Caicos. Think urban, plus resort style. Instead of trying to decide which one to book by looking at a few online reviews, you’ll get a close-up of their beautiful hotels. They play up both locations. Looking to cozy up next to a fireplace? New York. Or how about enjoying a tasty watermelon while watching the waves roll in? Turks and Caicos. Each post promotes a lifestyle. If you really can’t decide, you can always visit both!

  1. Urban Cowboy Bed & Breakfast | Instagram @urbancowboybnb

Currently booking my next vacation here. Seriously. If it’s even half as cool as their Instagram, I’ll be in heaven. Urban cowboy couldn’t be a better description for this bed-and-breakfast’s personality. It’s like a cozy log cabin plus southwest style. Once again, they’ve focused their Instagram on creating an image rather than a ton of self-promotion. However, the images they do have of the bed-and-breakfast look like they’re straight out of an Urban Outfitters catalog. They also work with local designers and feature their products in the rooms and on their Instagram.

  1. 8 Hotels | Instagram @8hotels

With over 10 locations, 8 Hotels will scratch your itch for wanderlust. They love engaging with their nearly 7,000 followers and reposting some their personal pictures of the hotel. They do a great job of posting often and mixing it up. Their Instagram features a variety of images and even competitions to win a free night’s stay at any of their 10 locations! You’ll definitely want to check this out.

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