Social Media Marketing: Put Your People Front and Center

Company culture is a big part of your brand image, and that means showing you’re more than just a company — you’re people too. The human side of a business is important for consumers to see beyond the product; your employees are silly, hardworking and relatable (i.e. the exact type of people consumers want to buy from).

If you’re not already doing so, it’s time that you integrate company culture into your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest posting schedules as a way to further engage your audience and show the people behind the business.

Here are three ways to show your business’s human side via social media.

1. Share the Work

Sharing behind-the-scenes photos of day-to-day operations is appealing not only to consumers, but also to potential new employees. Whether you catch a candid photo of a team brainstorming session, snap a quick pic of a salesperson on a call or get a group shot of the team attending a seminar by a guest speaker in your industry, heavily focusing on your organization's teamwork conveys to viewers that working together is how you deliver the best products and services to customers.

2. Share the Play

It’s okay to show that you’re not strictly business, either. Incorporate photos of your company’s parties and outings to give the public a taste of your silly side. A few ideas:

  • Take the crew to lunch and get a group photo; post to Instagram and tag the restaurant — maybe you’ll even get a repost!
  • Organize a fun team-building activity and take a video for Facebook.
  • Host a holiday potluck and take pics of the homemade dishes; include recipes and post to Pinterest.

For Halloween 2012, HubSpot shared an entire Facebook photo album of employee costumes that collected more than 200 likes. Throw a Halloween party and get photos of the employees to share on your Pinterest and Facebook pages. Hold a costume contest and encourage your fans and followers to vote for their favorite costumes, perhaps splitting it into categories like scariest costume, silliest costume and most original costume. Sharing pictures of your employees enjoying themselves and their time together is a good way to shine a positive light on your company and let people identify with your brand.

3. Share the Service

Participating in humanitarian and philanthropic efforts as a company evokes emotion from your audience. It shows depth; it shows heart; it shows that you care about giving back.

Perhaps you pay for the whole team to join a charity walk, and then encourage your social community to sponsor and donate to the cause. Or, for dog lovers, spend a Saturday at the local pet rescue and post pictures of your team with the animals and the shelter staff. Include the facility’s information to promote support from your network.

Regardless of the events your team chooses, be sure it’s a cause everyone supports, as the true joy and fulfillment you get from charitable work is only heightened when you’re surrounded by people who share your vision and values.

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