Top 10 Businesses on Instagram

Colleen Fielder | @yogirlcfield Although Instagram may not be the right form of social media for every business to use, we’ve found a few who made Instagram work for them in a big way. From small businesses to major brands, here are our top 10 accounts for businesses on Instagram.


#10 Bon Puf (Twitter: @bonpuf; Instagram: bonpuf)

Two words: Cotton. Candy. Bon Puf is a cotton candy catering company run by Cloe Lane, and their Instagram is simply dreamy. Picture every shade of pastels and the craziest cotton candy creations (COTTON CANDY CHAMPAGNE). It’s a new twist on an old favorite.


#9 The Dog Matchmaker (Twitter: @Dog_Matchmaker; Instagram: thedogmatchmaker)

PUPPIES! Who doesn’t love dog pictures? And they’re all up for adoption! The Dog Matchmaker helps you find the perfect pup just for you. The pictures are adorable and the captions are even better. We couldn’t ask for anything more. Find a dog you LOVE? Head on over to the site to see if he/she is your perfect match. It’s like eHarmony but so much better.


#8 Sephora (Twitter: @Sephora; Instagram: sephora)

Beauty addict? Sephora’s Instagram is the place for you with makeup tutorials, behind-the-scenes photo shoots, and brand new products you just have to have. The best part is all their images include a link so you can shop for that specific product instead of wasting time searching their website.


#7 Pabst Blue Ribbon (Twitter: @PabstBlueRibbon; Instagram: pabstblueribbon)

PBR’s Instagram uses the best emotion of all to build their fan base: HUMOR. Posts include out-of-the-box uses for PBR cans (please see the entire suit of armor above), funny beer-related cartoons and even Nick Offerman cracking open a cold one.


#6 GoPro (Twitter: @GoPro; Instagram: gopro)

If you’re looking for some adventure, you can start by checking out GoPro’s amazing Instagram. They use this platform to show off the versatility of their cameras. Skydiving, surfing, rock climbing, roller coasters ... the list goes on. Every image promotes their product. If you don’t have a GoPro, you’ll want one.


#5 Get Jus (Twitter: @Get_Jus; Instagram: alexcia)

Hungry? You will be after looking at this Instagram. If you haven’t heard of Get Jus, it’s a catering company run by Chef Alexcia in NYC and The Hamptons. She promotes her company on Instagram simply by posting her delicious creations — and it sure works. Chef Alexcia has over 8,000 followers and her account grows by 200 followers daily. She includes the link to her website so you can easily find all the services she provides.


#4 Starbucks (Twitter: @Starbucks; Instagram: starbucks)

Starbucks’ Instagram feed is a lot more than just pictures of their coffee. They’re great about reposting user photos, promoting Starbucks-related events and getting #artsy with their posts. They’ve taken coffee from routine to radiant.

#3 Taco Bell (Twitter: @tacobell; Instagram: tacobell)

Taco Bell has managed to take a fast food restaurant and make it so cool. They use their Instagram mainly for creative images of their food and for new menu items or features like their mobile app. They have quite the fan base, with almost 500K followers and an average of 20,000 likes on every photo. Taco Bell is doing it right.


#2 Oreo (Twitter: @Oreo; Instagram: oreo)

Oreo has always had a reputation for creative marketing and their Instagram lives up to the hype. Their feed includes photos, videos and consistently asks for consumer engagement. They post Oreo recipes, holiday-themed images, and promote their new flavors consistently. Their Instagram is creative, cute and a cut above the rest.


#1 Nike (Twitter: @Nike; Instagram: nike)

Nike has always tried to inspire others, and their Instagram account stays right in line with this goal. They always caption their images with inspirational quotes. Even better, Nike uses specific hashtags so users can share their own Nike-related images. Occasionally they will even repost user photos. Check it out for yourself! Just Do It.

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