How to Renew Your Creativity on Social Media

Madison Thomas | @InTheLifeOfMads

You have been using the same content themes for weeks. You can’t seem to think of what else to post. You have been staring at that maddening, blinking cursor on a blank page for what feels like forever, and you fear you have lost your spunky originality. Well, no more! Kick that unwelcome writer’s block to the curb and shake up your content with these tips!

Introduce a surprise guest: Your readers might be tired of reading your content by now. Guest bloggers or contributors can add a new voice to your social media campaign. If they are experts or well-known in your field, that’s even better, but either way you are getting some new content.

There’s an app for that: There’s an app for everything now and thus the cell phone has basically become an extra limb. So consider extending the reach to your audience by creating your own app. The mobile app platform is a prime location to develop and share new, easy-to-read content. If it’s done right, this can definitely add some spice to your social media presence.

Grab their attention: This is probably the oldest method of writing creative content, but it still works like a charm. The gist is that people will not read big, long posts. Instead they want information quickly and with little effort. So type out an eye-catching headline, add the article’s link, and bingo! Whether it’s a photo, a statistic or just a jaw-dropping fact, it’s more likely to make users click.

Be on time: Trends are what make social media so popular. People want to share what’s hot and happening with their followers. Paying attention to the local and national news will give you content to talk about. Keeping up with your niche’s news can also inspire content for you. Don’t wait too long to post though. Nobody likes to read yesterday’s newspaper.

Put a little love in it: Make ‘em laugh. Make ‘em cry. Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to put out some thought-provoking content whether it’s honoring the death of someone, celebrating someone who has overcome the odds, or promoting a worthy cause. It shows character and gives your social media campaign a boost.

Ask them: Interactive posts can be fun for viewers. It’s a change for them to share their views and for you to know what draws them in. You can ask their opinions on a popular story or host a competition with the possibility of a prize for your followers to win if they repost. You can spread the word and they get something out of it.

Get a makeover: If you just can’t get out of the slump, maybe what you need is a change of scenery. Cleaning out your website can provide a refreshing change for you and your followers. Adding new features and promoting them can give your readers something to chat about. Emphasizing a new site with new features can inspire you to write some brand new content.

Tell your story: It is your website after all. Your followers want to know there is a person behind the posts. Of course you don’t want to be "me, me, me" all the time. Once in a while share your thoughts on a popular story or trend, share your business successes and failures, or (if appropriate) share a personal story. Make your content your own.

Whatever you do, have fun. When you're having fun with your content, your users will have fun reading your content.

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