Top 10 Healthcare Twitter Accounts to Follow

Drew Williams | @DrewWillyums Whether you’re in the industry, love new information, or enjoy the feel-good stories that often come out of the healthcare field, everyone should be following at least few healthcare Twitter accounts. The healthcare industry today is loaded with great social media accounts to follow, and in this article I’ll be outlining the best of the best when it comes to Twitter.

1. Mayo Clinic - @MayoClinic

Mayo Clinic is currently the hospital with the most Twitter followers (over one million) and for good reason. They’ve been recognized as the best hospital in the world for 2014–2015 by U.S. News and don’t show any signs of slowing down.

2. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital - @StJude

St. Jude is the nation’s leader in the battle against childhood cancer. Their Twitter account, at 364,000 followers strong, is great for new information, new developments in the field, and also heartwarming stories of children who have overcome the odds.

3. Kevin Pho, M.D. - @KevinMD

Kevin Pho is one of the top influencers when it comes to doctors. More importantly for us, he’s been doing social media for over 10 years after he started writing his own blog at Now, Pho has a very successful social media presence and a successful blog, which also includes many blog posts guest-written by his colleagues.

4. MD Anderson Cancer Center - @MDAndersonNews

MD Anderson is the nation’s leader in cancer care and cancer research. While only at 34,000 followers, they have a strong presence thanks to an active Twitter account, including many posts and interactions with followers. Like St. Jude, there are a handful of heartwarming posts, but the bulk of their posts are informative and eyebrow-raising.

5. Cleveland Clinic - @ClevelandClinic

Cleveland Clinic is one of the superpowers when it comes to healthcare influencers. At over 346,000 followers, they provide a lot of information, as well as some entertaining posts, to their followers and their patients. And since it’s heart month, it’s worth mentioning that they are the number one cardiac hospital in the world.

6. American Medical Association - @AmerMedicalAssn

This account is best suited for those of you in the medical field. It has a lot of information posted that is applicable to doctors, nurses and people looking to get their foot in the door of the profession. They do, however, post a lot of quality news, so don’t refrain from clicking the “follow” button just because you’re not in the medical field.

7. - @HealthCareGov

Whether or not you’re a fan of the Affordable Care Act and its website, there’s no denying the government’s Twitter page is a success. Like most of the others, there is plenty of news in their posts, and at 204,000 followers they also provide citizens with information about their healthcare insurance, which can be a huge benefit to anyone turning 26, switching jobs, etc.

8. Staff Care - @Staff_Care

Staff Care specializes in recruitmenting teams and locum tenens medical and physician staffing consultants have a unique industry understanding and depth-of-knowledge regarding physician recruiting and job search trends that extends to the regional, specialty, and even setting level.

9. Health Affairs - @Health_Affairs

What sets Health Affairs apart from the rest is that they seem to be the master of retweeting. Unlike most of the Twitter accounts above, Health Affairs spends almost as much time retweeting articles as they do posting their own, which means not a lot of health news is going to slip past you if you keep an eye on their feed.

10. Akram Boutros - @Akram_Boutros

While Dr. Boutros doesn’t have the resume of followers that some of the others have, he is nonetheless a very interesting person to follow. He offers knowledgeable discussion, informative posts, and an insight into the healthcare industry that is very impressive. As a bonus, the hospital he works for, @MetroHealthCLE, is also a great Twitter account to follow.

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