Twitter Adds New Video Feature

Jamie Nanquil@the_jamielynn Whether it's constantly checking your YouTube subscriptions, hopping on Vine and Snapchat, or catching the latest clips on your Instagram and Facebook feeds, it's very apparent we can't get enough of video. Although a little late to the party, Twitter is hoping to make some noise in the social media atmosphere with its soon-to-be-released video feature.

Users will now be able to shoot, edit and post video directly through the app. As it stands, the existing format allows accounts to upload videos up to 10 minutes long. As Twitter video rolls out to the general public, however, we will most likely see videos with a much shorter time cap closer to 20 seconds, comparable to Instagram’s 15-second videos. Twitter is hoping to get more users sharing and creating video on the platform and ultimately keep people using the product more regularly.

While Facebook boasts a billion video views every single day, Twitter has not quite followed in its footsteps. Instead, Twitter has taken the opposite approach to video, meaning it is using brands to introduce the feature to users' timelines first. It has offered access of an early native video unit to a select group of advertisers and users. One is HBO’s “Game of Thrones” account, which used the new feature to release a teaser clip for the show’s fifth season, and another is Netflix, which used Twitter video to announce a release date for the third season of “House of Cards.”

Although Twitter has a lot of catching up to do, it can hope to gain an advantage and get more uploads from users as Twitter is perceived as more of a broadcast network and source for breaking news. Users uploading videos to Twitter "from the scene" is more likely to get greater views than if posted on YouTube or Facebook.

How do you think Twitter's new video feature will fare against Facebook and YouTube?

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