Top 20 Businesses on Tumblr

Richard Niño | @_Richard_Nino Tumblr is currently one of the toughest social media platforms for a business to utilize. With its quick pace and young demographic, it can be tough to have content that is creative and specific enough to send out. However, some companies have proven themselves to think beyond the scope of an ordinary business and prove how exceptional they are at this tricky platform.

Here are our top 20 favorites:

1. Dolce & Gabbana dolcegabbana Dolce Gabanna

2. Coffee-Mate coffee-mate Coffee Mate

3. American Express americanexpress A&E

4. A&E aetv AE

5. Disney disney Disney

6. Sephora sephora Sephora

7. Experiments in Motion (in partnership with Columbia University) experimentsinmotion Audi

8. Calvin Klein calvinklein Calvin Klein

9. Mazda mazdamovement Mazda

10. Denny’s dennys Dennys

11. Skittles skittles Skittles

12. MasterCard mastercard MasterCard

13. AT&T att AT&T

14. Nature Valley naturevalley Nature Valley

15. Coca-Cola coca-cola Coca-Cola

16. IKEA ikea-everyday Ikea

17. Red Bull redbull Red Bull

18. TRESemmé tresemme TRESemmé

19. The New York Times livelymorgue New York Times

20. Audi audicity Audi

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