Twitter Exposes All Tweets

Twitter updates Mary Gutierrez@MaryyAlyssa

Never thought you would see those old tweets from two years ago? Think again! Twitter just recently updated their search tool, allowing users to search for old public tweets.

Twitter’s old version of the search tool only searched through the most recent and popular tweets. Now when you search, you will be able to find the same results as well as related tweets from years ago. < a href="">Yi Zhuang, search infrastructure engineer at Twitter, wrote in a blog post that this new feature is ideal for searching any conversation, whether it’s about sports or even a new, trending hashtag. He also noted that the main goal was to let users search through every tweet that’s been published.

In 2012, Twitter allowed users the opportunity to download an app that stores all their tweets, but this new update is a nice tool for a quick search through the past. All you need to do is include the username and a keyword, and the search into the past is complete!

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