INFOGRAPHIC: Leveraging Snapchat For Your Business

Snapchat is on the rise and ready to give your business a boost. For those who don’t know, Snapchat is an application that allows users to send photos and videos, known as snaps, that will disappear after a certain amount of seconds. Snapchat also has what’s called “Stories.” Different snaps can be added to Stories that will appear on the users feed for 24 hours. Could this app be used as a tool for businesses? Of course! Snapchat is a great way to connect to a younger target audience. Their users age ranges from thirteen to twenty-five and 70 percent of them are women. Even though knowing the statistics helps, some businesses are still confused on how to actually utilize Snapchat. Here are six different marketing uses for Snapchat:

  • Contests: Promoting a contest on Snapchat is a perfect way to engage followers. Contest ideas can include sending snaps to enter for a prize.
  • New Product Sneak Peek: Using Snapchat as a method to introduce a new product is more authentic and casual than a regular advertisement.
  • Coupons: Everyone loves coupons! Using Snapchat as an incentive to send snaps for a coupon is another great tactic for audience engagement.
  • Behind The Scenes: You don’t always need to give an incentive to your target audience. Sending snaps for behind the scenes footage of your business is a good way to create a positive image that keeps your followers up to date and seems more conversational than typical branding strategies.

The infographic below gives more insight for companies interested in giving Snapchat a try. If your company is interested in using Snapchat to target the millennial crowd, Social Media Delivered can help you figure out the best strategy.

Snapchat Infographic

via Social Marketing Software by Marketo

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