11 Tips to Get More Pinterest Followers

Are you not as p-interesting as you would like to be? Do you feel the pressure of getting more followers pinning you down? Before you shut that laptop and say goodbye to that red and white screen forever, try these 11 tips to help engage and grow your Pinterest audience. Why 11? Because we like to go the extra mile.

  1. Verify Yourself – Want your followers to know you are the real deal? Stand out on Pinterest and get “checked out” by existing and potential followers. This tiny red check mark can make or break your followers’ confidence.
  2. Schmooze – Influencers are easy to find with analytic tools like Tailwind. Find those you can relate to, follow them, re-pin what they pin, comment on their pictures … You get the idea.
  3. Get Rich – I mean on Pinterest … Make your pins crisp and clean with rich pins. It looks better, provides accurate information, and best of all it’s free! This is a great tool especially when spotlighting your products.
  4. #Hashtag – Yes, you can hashtag on Pinterest. If you are familiar with any other social media platform, you know just how effective the hashtag is. In short, it makes your content easier to search. Don’t overdo it though; stick to one or two per post.
  5. Promote Your Pinterest – If your Pinterest is rockin’ then you better be talkin’! Add options on your website for easy pinning. You can also highlight your best content on your other social media platforms — whatever it takes to spread the word.
  6. Color It Up – Pinterest markets heavily to our visual side. Take advantage of eye-catching colors to grab your followers’ attention. Try to avoid white or other bland colors even in the background. Bright, warm colors are shared, re-pinned and liked more often.
  7. Time It Perfectly – It is addicting, but try to slow your roll. Followers don’t want to see hundreds of pins at once. Pin consistently, but limit yourself to 10–20 pins per day. Typically the evening is when people check their accounts regularly.
  8. All About That Visual – Make sure you are sharing content that is well-presented and looks neat. Don’t just post pictures of your products. Shake it up with relatable content that your followers will enjoy.
  9. Hand It to Them – Include your Pinterest web address in emails, business cards, newsletters — you name it and ask your fans to follow you on Pinterest.
  10. What Makes Them Tick (Or Pin) – Who are they? What do they want? These are the questions you need to find out about your followers on Pinterest and analytics can help you (see verification). Once you find your demographic, tailor your board creations to them.
  11. Share the LOVE – Finally follow your fans back, re-pin their content, and comment on their pictures. Why? It shows that you care about their opinions. Like any other social media, it’s important to be interactive with your followers.

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