8 Myths About Social Media Interns

1. We’re all social media experts. Most of us did not start out knowing everything there is to know about Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. We came from different schools with different degrees. We learned through lots of hands-on experience, research, and constant instruction. The only two things one really needs to be good at for this internship is time management and the ability to communicate with others. Other than that we fake it ‘till we make it and ask a lot of questions.

2. We send selfies to each other throughout the day.

We are usually pretty busy during the day, plus most of us are content with seeing one another across the conference table.

3. We tweet about everything in our lives.

Just because we are social media interns doesn’t mean we are super obsessed with updating the public about our daily lives. Working in the realm of professional social media has taught us what content to post and when. So don’t worry, you won’t read about what time we woke up this morning.

4. There are no benefits for interns at SMD.

Oh yes, there are. For starters, there are really flexible hours and opportunities to work from home. A successfully completed internship enables us to receive The Social Media Business Equation Certificate, where it would normally cost $2,500. It’s beneficial to add to email signatures and resumes. And hey, who doesn’t like a little resume booster?

5. We speak in abbreviations.

Shockingly, writing for social media platforms makes one even more conscious about grammar and spelling errors. Typically we try to put on an air of professionalism whether online or speaking with clients. Btdubs we nvr talk or write like this bc it’s like totes not adorbs like wtf. Lol jk. Ttyl.

6. It’s boring.

Yes, we do work in an office, at our computers mostly, but we like to go out to eat, rock out to tunes, are constantly chatting and laughing (about things other than the latest tweet), and have the occasional pie fight of course.


7. We are social recluses – the only friends we have are our laptops.

Actually, in the office we work in one big room and there’s a fair bit of visiting. Also interns may be offered a chance to post live during events with SMD staff. We like to keep the social in social media. Even us computer geeks come out to see the sunlight…once in a while.

8. We all talk in #hashtags.

Yeah. No. We don’t do this. #JimmyFallon #Lolololol #LikeSeriously



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