Social Media Analytic Tools for Small- to Mid-sized Businesses

Madison Thomas@inthelifeofMads If Hootsuite and Tweepi are not filling the social media needs of your business, maybe it’s time to look for some social-savvy alternatives. Here are the top 10 must try analytic tools for small to medium companies:

1. Crowdbooster: This analytics tool concentrates on the when, who, and what on your business’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. It simply takes into account what content is well accepted and by whom. This would work for a business that wants to spend less money while still accurately measuring their levels of engagement. 2. Mention: This tool can track your brand through any social media compartment in 42 languages. It allows your business to react immediately and over time it tracks your progress in comparison to your competitors. 3. SproutSocial: This tool has all of your social media in one place, so you don’t have to use several different programs for different social media platforms. You can research key words, assign tasks, and respond all on this one program. It also comes as an app for your smartphone. 4. Buffer: This app allows you to publish your social media content for any platform quickly. It also keeps track of which content gives highest engagement rates and when is the best time to post it. Collaboration and research are the priorities for this tool. 5. Postling: This site not only lets you manage a majority of popular social media platforms but also monitor review sites and post visual media. It comes highly recommended for small budget companies with a lot of social media accounts to manage. 6. Feedly: This is an organized browser page that allows its users to keep all their RSS feeds in one area. On this app you can read, save, share, and discover a variety of content all that relates to you. 7. Raven Internet Marketing Tools: This program has more than the basic management tools. It includes SEO components for research, analysis, advertising and more. It is perfect for a medium size business that has a many social media components. 8. Followerwonk: This program is for Twitter only. Not only does it track followers, it allows you to analyze, sort, and compare bios. It also tracks when your followers are online for optimum tweet response. 9. Viralheat: Formally known as Argyle Social, this program is data-filled and organized into one inbox. It measures everything from clicks to interactions. Viralheat focuses on what your company is getting out of the content you post. It is a little more on the pricey side and is great for medium-sized companies to try out. 10. Quintly: This tool covers all the popular media platforms and provides intense analysis. It also benchmarks your company’s platforms to accurately track growth. You can customize your reporting date as well as your dashboard to best fit your needs.

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