Facebook Friday: Why Friday is the Best Day for Business Posts

Ali Matsuda & Ashley Russell  | @AliMatsuda & @AshleyRussell13 At a time when Facebook users are harder to reach, businesses must adapt to new social media strategies. According to Adobe, new data shows that Friday is the day users are more likely to like, comment, or share posts that come from brand pages. Adobe tracked more than 226 billion post impressions by 300 brands on Facebook in the first quarter of 2014 and found that Friday earns 15.7 percent of each week's total impressions, with Thursday coming in second at 14.5 percent and Saturday coming in third at 14.4 percent while Sunday has the lowest impressions and the lowest engagement rate.

Businesses that market themselves on Facebook should aim to post their marketing content when users are online the most—Fridays—in order to maximize their potential. Although weekends see the most user interaction, that doesn’t mean businesses should only market their content on the weekend. Brands that deliver daily content generally see an increase in their weekly page views. The frequency of posting is shown to have an affect on Facebook engagement. Pages that post 1–2 times per day receive 40 percent higher user engagement compared to pages that have more than 3 posts per day.

No matter what day of the week your brand chooses to post on, keep in mind that content is king. While text-only posts receive 0.6 percent engagement, videos have jumped in the past few years and receive 30 percent. Users are now watching more videos on Facebook, and, like other posts, Friday is also the best day for video engagement.

Although Friday is statistically the best day to post on Facebook no matter what the content is, brands should stay consistent throughout the week to maximize overall user engagement. When you’re going through and creating a content calendar, be sure to make your Friday posts count!

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