Chat Acronym Dictionary

Madison Thomas | @inthelifeofmads

Are you lol-ing with your friends online? Or are you jk-ing yourself? If you need a brush up on chat lingo, here are some popular acronyms that will have you speaking the language 2day:

Brbbe right back

Don’t close that computer yet! Your conversation will resume as soon as the person has finished with their interruption.

Btwby the way

This can be used when you friend is reminded of a pertinent thought she needs to share with you.

Example Sentence: “Btw I had a date last night.”

B4nbye for now

Never fret, he definitely interested in you and wants to have a second chat later.

Example sentence: “I really enjoyed talking with you…b4n.”

IlyI love you

Use sparingly – this acronym could be the start of something new.

Example Sentence: “I’ll see you when I get home. Ily honey!”

Npno problem

Usually this acronym comes after an apology or an explanation on your part, and is well-received by the reader.

Example Sentence: “It’s np. I can take out the trash. You can do the dishes.”

Example Sentence: “I got a call. Brb.”

Rnright now

You might get this from your boss or a last minute addition for a project.

Example Sentence: “I need you to make at 25 page PowerPoint rn!!!”

Tfithanks for info

This sentiment is usually said after an interesting tidbit is shared in the conversation.

Example Sentence: “I didn’t know bald eagles mated for life tfi.”

Tl;dr: too long; didn’t read

Easy there, no one wants to read a novel on your Facebook chat. This is usually said by itself indicating that your audience does not have the time, nor the interest in what you said.

Ttyltalk to you later

This is one of the more popular closures of the chatting session.

Example Sentence: “I have to go to my spin class. Ttyl!”

There you have it! You're all set to join the conversation.

What chat acronym left you scratching your head? Leave us a comment and let us know!


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