How To Use Google+ To Your Company's Advantage

Gitika Bhatla | @gitika_bhatla Launched in 2011, Google Plus ( Google +) is Google's version of a social networking platform, only it can do so much more. Investing some amount of time in your Google+ profile can ensure better search visibility, increased fan following and well monitored customer reviews.

The '+1' feature of Google+ is similar to a 'like' on Facebook. The more the number of +1's to your posts and page, the better the chances of improving on search rankings. Your posts on Google+ are indexed by Google's search engine. So if you post your opinion on the favorite night spot in Dallas, you boost the rankings of that night spot on Google search results. Hence, businesses enjoy a benefit in getting ranked by Google. When someone types in your company's name on Google, then along with other information, your Google+ page will also appear.


It is better to update your Google+ plus profile with every possible piece of important information about your business - the work you do, the products and services offered. It is also advisable to include links to your other social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest ) on Google+. Connect your page to your website in order to reach out to a wider audience. Your latest updates, blog posts or articles on Google+ will appear on the Google search results and hence have a chance of being read and shared by a larger audience.


A Google+ profile enables your business to have detailed map information on Google search results. Users not only get to know the address and exact location of your business, but also directions to help them get there.

Google+ also allows you maintain a better rapport with your customers. In the Google search results, along with your business information, reviews are also displayed. With Google+, you can monitor and respond to your reviewers in a better way by being proactive and quick to save your repute by answering your customers.

Google+ is very visual. Make sure your Google+ profile has a lot of eye-catching images of your brand, product and service offerings as they will also appear in your Google search results and will quickly capture the attention of the users.

Last but not least, the video chat feature of Google+, Google Hangouts, is very sophisticated and is great for businesses. It is not to be confused with Skype as it allows more than one conversation - video chat with 9 people at a time. Celebrities and politicians also use this feature a lot these days for video broadcasts. For businesses spread across different locations, it is a boon. You can offer product demos, customer support in the form of an interactive Q&A session to your customers and give a boost to your brand.

Google+ analytics help you spot what has clicked with the users and what has flopped. There are 'communities' to join according to your interest and likes. So if you have products or services to offer as a business, customers can interact, share feedback and get to know more about them through 'communities'.

Google+ will continue to grow in social media domain in years to come and is here to stay. Not only the employer, but also the employees should be encouraged to create their Google+ accounts if they don't have one.

Make sure you register for a Google+ account for your business, because if you don't, you are definitely shying away from greener pastures for your business.


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