Facebook Introduces Celebrity Mentions

Kristin Crews | @Kristin_Crews


One of the best things about Twitter is being able to instantly access any other user. From celebrities to politicians to athletes, everyone is just a click away. But now Facebook is moving in to compete with Twitter by introducing Facebook Mentions.

Facebook Mentions was recently released as a new IOS app that allows public figures with verified pages to interact with their fans. The app allows the verified user to follow what their most dedicated fans are saying to them through tags or mentions. This gives the celebrities a chance to start mobile Q&As and makes it easier for them to interact with fans. It also gives fans the chance to play interviewer. Who wouldn't want the chance to quiz their favorite celebrity?

Some of the world’s biggest public figures such as Whoopi Goldberg, Rachel Zoe, Josh Duhamel, Ed Sheeran and Mariah Carey are already using it. Facebook has reported that the public figures who are using the app are now producing twice as much daily content than before.

With all the attention Facebook Mentions is receiving, it may be putting other social media apps, aka Twitter, in a tough situation. Twitter is still great for interacting with celebrities across the globe, but Facebook Mentions makes getting celebrity attention easier and more organized than ever before.

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